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Stackyard News May 07

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 107 Prime cattle, 1 Young bulls, 19 OTM cattle, 51 Spring lambs, 6202 hoggs and 2797 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 3rd May, 2007.

longtown prime sheep

A good show of quality cattle were on offer, selling to a top of 137.5p for a Limousin heifer from D & L Graham, Southlambhill to J Scott, Paisley, others to 134.5p Hallburn, 132.5p Southlambhill, 130.5p Hallburn. Charolais heifers 134.5p Dashwellgreen to Border Meats.

Bullocks topped at 133.5p for Blondes from Hallburn and 130.5p The Gill to Messrs Nattrass, Butcher, Carlisle, others 129.5p Haining House, 127.5p Dashwellgreen, 126.5p Slealands and The Gill. Blonde bullocks £972 Haining House, Charolais bullocks £937 Sceughdyke.

Cull cows sold to a top of 80.5p for Limousin from Slealands, others 74.5p Randalholme and Slealands, Friesian 69.5p Sandbed, 66.5p Bleatarn and Smalmstown, Angus 62.5p Guards. Simmental otm heifers to 76.5p Horsegills.

Another large show of prime hoggs were similar to the national trend that has prevailed all week. Good export hoggs sold from £1 per kilo to £3 over the weight. Heavy hoggs were again hard to sell making between 80p and 90p per kilo.

Top price was £52.50 for Texels from J Robertson & Son, The Becks, Suffolk x £45 Whins & Sykehead, North Country Cheviots £46.80 Craig View & Kirkland of Longcastle, Hill Cheviots £45 Southend. Charollais £44 Baldocks, Greyface £44.20 Kirkland Green, Cheviot Mules £40 Waughslee, Blackfaces £44 Smalmstown, Swaledales £41.20 Sceughdyke, Herdwicks £40 Fordlands, Jacobs £37 Kilncroft.

Lightweight hoggs were the best to sell on the day making regular £2 to £4 over the weight. Top price per head was £41.80 for Texels from Easthouse, Cheviots £38.80 Castlenook, Charollais £37.10 Broomhill (Hird), Greyface £35.90 Easthouse, Blackface £36.70 Easthouse, North Country Cheviot £38.20 Kilncroft, Herdwicks £34 Kirkland Green, Beltex £40.80 Mouldyhills.

Spring lambs were a trade in keeping with other centres. Hopefully next weeks trade will be better as major abattoirs change over from hoggs to lambs with 42 kilo lambs required. Top price was £55.80 for Texels from The Yett, others to £55 Guards Mill. Suffolk x £55.40 The Yett, £55 Becton Hall. Charollais £54 Becton Hall.

The cast ewes and rams were a similar entry, extra buyers were present and classes were dear and short of requirements to average £40.55 overall.

Top was £72.50 for Texel ewes from Toftcombs and Rouges from Ballyclare. Charollais £65.50 Ballycastle, Leicesters £64.50 Stackbraes, Cheviot Mules £48.50 Coatside, Beltex £64.50 Dunjop, Suffolks £57.50 Kilnfordcroft, Suffolk x £56.50 Tobermore and Stackbraes, North Country Cheviot £61.50 Newry. Greyfaces £46.50 Stackbraes, £45.50 High Dubwath.

Hill ewes to £39.50 for Cheviots from St Johns Kirk, £37.50 Dunain Mains, Blackfaces £35.50 Stackbraes, £33.50 Honeyburn and D’Mainholm, Swaledales £34.50 Fordlands, £32.50 Setterah Park, Herdwicks £25.50 Cardewlees (Glaister).

Rams to £74.50 for Texels from Stackbraes, Suffolks £70.50 Stackbraes, Charollais £57.50 Derwentside, Leicesters £52.50 Derwentside, Cheviots £62.50 Ballyclare, Beltex £68.50 Coatside, Blackfaces £42.50 Derwentside, Swaledales £36.50 Derwentside.

Light to 100.5p ( 97.4p)
Medium to 84.5p ( 84.5p)
Heavy to 133.5p (119.4p)

Light to 89.5p ( 89.0p)
Medium to 137.5p (102.4p)
Heavy to 134.5p (111.1p)
Young Beef Bulls to 94.5p ( 94.5p)

Light to 114.2p (103.0p)
Standard to 119.4p ( 98.8p)
Medium to 110.0p ( 97.7p)
Heavy to 101.7p ( 83.5p)
Others to 75.0p ( 63.1p)

Light to ------p (------p)
Standard to 130.0p (124.3p)
Medium to 121.3p (115.6p)
Heavy to ------p (-------p)

Light to £39.50 (£28.31)
Heavy to £72.50 (£43.99)

Cast Rams £74.50 (£50.00)

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