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Stackyard News Apr 07

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 124 Prime cattle, 9 Young bulls, 16 OTM feeding cattle, 13 Spring lambs, 8593 hoggs and 4365 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 12th April 2007.

longtown prime sheep

All classes again met a fast trade selling to 138.5p twice for Limousin Heifers from R M&P Armstrong, Slealands to Messers Nattress, Butchers. 136.5p Englishtown, 135.5p & 133.5p Dashwellgreen, 132.5p Hallburn & Brydekirk. Belgian Blue Heifers from R&EM Smithson, Bloan to 132.5p to Woodhead Bros.
Limousin Bullocks sold to 136.5p RM&P Armstrong, Slealands to Kirkup Butchers others to 134.5p & 132.5p x2 & 130.5p Hallburn comprising dairy sorts.
Young Bulls short of requirements selling to 108.5p from Randalinton & Laws Hall.
A small show of Otm also met a brisk trade. Simmental Bulls 1005kg x 81.5p Butterdales, Angus Bulls 1000kgs x 75.5p Randalinton, Galloway Bull 960kgs x 71.5p Wileysyke, Friesian Cows to 83.5p Roachburn.Angus Heifers to 91.5p Waughslea.

Spring lambs met a fast trade and were short of requirements selling to a top of £85.50 for Suffolks from Corriehills and to 196.4p for Charollais from Brookfield.

Hoggs upheld recent rates with good well fleshed export weight hoggs keenly sought after and peaked at £61.80 for Texels from Kirkblane and to 131.4p for Texels from Nunscleugh.

Suffolk to £61.80 Kirkblane, £59.20 Upper Mains Farm. Cheviots to £56.00 Milton, £54.20 Potholm Farm. Texels to £60.00 Upper Mains Farm, £56.80 Craig View. Charollais to £53.20 Glenshanna, £51.90 Pools Platt Farm. Half Breds to £52.00 Jerriestown. Cross to £53.50 Justicetown, £51.70 Crawfordjohn Mill. Cheviot Mules to £54.00 East Mains, £52.80 Brocklewath. Blackfaces to £53.60, £52.90 Smalmstown, £52.70 Kirkland Green. North Country Cheviots to £55.30 Middlestots, £55.10 Blackrigg. Swaledales to £47.00 Sykehead. Herdwick to £47.80 Rowhead. Beltex to £53.20 Sykehead. Continentals to £52.80 Sceughdyke. Lleyn to £47.80 The Green, £47.80 Priorsford.


Light to 104.5p (100.0p)
Medium to 136.5p (118.0p)
Heavy to 134.5p (120.2p)

Medium to 136.5p (121.2p)
Heavy to 138.5p (119.3p)

Young Beef Bulls to 108.5p (99.1p)

Light to 128.6p (112.9p)
Standard to 131.4p (116.6p)
Medium to 130.4p (118.2p)
Heavy to 115.6p (103.2p)

Standard to 196.1p (183.2p)
Medium to 196.4p (182.4p)

Light to £56.00 (£31.90)
Heavy to £88.50 (£51.91)
Cast Rams £80.50 (£53.90)

16 OTM feeding cattle were forward and met a brisk trade.

Friesian to 78.5p Smalmstown.
Limousin to 83.5p Roachburn.
Aberdeen Angus heifer to 91.5p Waughlea.

Simmental to 81.5p Butterdales.
Aberdenn Angus to 75.5p Randalinton.
Galloway to 71.5p Wileysyke.

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