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Stackyard News Feb 07

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Claas Quadrant Baler Grabs Gold at SIMA

The innovative knotter design on the QUADRANT 3400 square baler for binding bales was the only gold medal winner in the harvesting category at SIMA.

Claas Quadrant 3400

Claas Quadrant 3400

With its new QUADRANT 3400 CLAAS has opened a new chapter in agricultural balers 18 years after it introduced the first square baler, the QUADRANT 1200. Its completely new design satisfies the demands of farmers and straw handlers alike for highest baling densities and increased power.

Rapid and maximum throughput
Each and every component on the QUADRANT 3400 has been designed to provide speed and high throughput: It generates approximately 40% more throughput than an equivalent QUADRANT 2200 and opens up new application areas, such as hemp bales. What is more, with the QUADRANT 3400, bales can now be created in Euro format (120 cm x 100 cm). Prior to development, these precise bale dimensions were often requested by European straw dealers to ensure the optimum loading of different HGVs and standard dimensions.

The QUADRANT 3400 combines 85 years experience in baler construction. It is the most powerful machine on the market for hay and straw, yet is still suitable for silage, making it the largest silage baler.

Day-to-day benefits for your farm
The hydraulic pickup offers a working width of 2.35 m and adjusts perfectly to the ground. Even rough swaths are gathered up quickly and cleanly. In addition, the QUADRANT 3400 is fitted with CLAAS’ patented front-mounted dual roller crop press, which has already demonstrated its ability in other CLAAS balers. It presses the crop perfectly, accelerates the crop flow and actively transfers it to the rotor. The small distance between the pickup and the rotor guarantees the efficient interaction between both components.

The high-performance rotor on the new QUADRANT 3400 transports the harvested crop to the new, hydraulically controlled rotor. With a width of 1.3 m and a diameter of 86 cm, this is the largest rotor available on the market. Peak loads of more than 60 tonnes per hour can be processed with ease, even if working with heavy swaths of wet silage.

Top quality silage
Bale silage has become firmly accepted amongst grassland farmers. CLAAS’ switchable antechamber system (Intelligent Feeding System) offers a baler with a hydraulically controlled packer and an adjustable antechamber. As a result, the QUADRANT 3400 can produce easy to wrap silage bales under any swath conditions and can be used many more hours each year.

Energy-rich, delicious silage is essential for ensuring high milk production. To produce this you require three things: a short crop, a high baling density and an oxygen-free atmosphere. The CLAAS ROTO CUT currently offers the quickest cutting frequency (28,000 cuts per minute) and can achieve cut lengths of just 45 mm.

Two hydraulic cutterbar protectors prevent the QUADRANT 3400 from overloading. The hinged cutter housing fitted exclusively on CLAAS square balers allows you to eliminate stoppages conveniently from the cab and also offers easy access to the knives.

Innovative high-speed binding system
Perfect knotting is closely entwined with the success of CLAAS. In 1921 the Claas brothers developed a knotting mechanism, which was awarded a silver DLG medal in 1924. This patented knotter has been continually developed over the past 85 years. Now, the award-winning knotter technology used in the QUADRANT 3400 provides the highest level of efficiency.

Thanks to its newly developed drive, the new CLAAS knotter can operate at different speeds during the knotting process. The needle has been accelerated, remains protected by the ram for longer and knots can be performed at reduced speed. This reduces tying times and at the same time increases the reliability of the knots.

A knotter swivel unit also enables a shorter needle to be used. As a result the time needed to feed the twine is reduced, the twine delivery is optimised and tying the knots can be started sooner. The twine is held in place during baling by means of a controlled twine clamping device. This increases the pressure during baling and reduces it during knotting. In addition, there are no unwanted twine ends from double knotting.

Power belt drive
The power belt drive, which is also used on the CLAAS LEXION and JAGUAR, combines power and overload protection. It detects peak loads and displays these in the communicator. If overloading occurs, the power belt drive is disengaged automatically. The cutter housing then expands so that the rotor can work itself free. This prevents power peaks when a blockage occurs and so stops the QUADRANT 3400 from jamming.

The design ensures outstanding efficiency by transmitting all power along short, straight paths and using a free-running flywheel with a diameter of 980 mm. This means that less energy is required to harvest each tonne of crop resulting in significant fuel savings.

Overview of the QUADRANT 3400:

  • Large balers for straw, hay and silage
  • Highest throughput on the market - for straw, hay, silage or hemp
  • Ideal bale size for transporting: 120 cm x 100 cm
  • Optimum use of loading capacities within the discharge cycle
  • Hydraulic pickup with a 2.35 m working width
  • Dual roller crop press for accelerated crop flow
  • Aggressive high-performance rotor, with a diameter of 86 cm, the largest rotor on the market
  • CLAAS ROTO CUT system (QUADRANT 3400 RC) with maximum cutting frequency: 28.000 cuts per minute
  • New, hydraulically controlled rotor for optimum filling
  • New, adjustable antechamber for perfect compression
  • Antechamber adjustment from the cab

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