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Lincoln Red Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
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uk     Lincoln Red Cattle Society Lincoln Red Cattle Society  
  The Lincoln Red - a breed with ancient origins - probably brought in by the Viking invaders of Britain. Lincoln Red, one of the oldest of the UK's native beef breeds. A polled animal, well fleshed with a deep cherry-red coat, a wide muzzle and well placed legs and sturdy feet, ideally suited to range conditions.
Australia     Lincoln Red Cattle Society (Aust) Ltd Lincoln Red Cattle Society (Aust) Ltd  
  Lincoln Reds have been imported into Australia since the turn of the 1900’s with the first Australian Society being created in 1971 with one registered herd. The Lincoln Red cattle in Australia are based on a very sound foundation and unlike a number of other more recent imports of exotic cattle, have proven themselves under a wide variety of conditions.
brasil     Cabanha Santa Isabel Cabanha Santa Isabel  
  The Lincoln Red breed is rare around the world. We have the last ones at our farm in southern Brazil. Unhappily we have only 6 heifers living at Brazil, and we believe that they are the last ones in Latin America. Our farm has one heifer and semen from 3 different bulls with which we are trying to keep the Lincoln Reds alive.
    North American Lincoln Red Association North American Lincoln Red Association  
  From 1904 - 1914 774 cattle were exported from England to 20 different countries. In more recent times Lincoln Reds have been exported to many countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Hungary, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.
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