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Irish Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
ireland   irish angus cattle society Irish Angus Cattle Society  
  The Irish Angus Cattle Society was established in 1967, having as its primary objective the
development and improvement of the breed in Ireland.
      Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed Society
Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed Society
  Aubrac Cattle are known for their grassfed greatness and superior forage efficiency. The development of the Aubrac breed started during the 17th century at the Benedictine Abbey of Aubrac, in the South of the central Massif in France.
      Irish Belgian Blue Cattle Society
Irish Belgian Blue Cattle Society
  Belgian Blues were first imported into Ireland in 1979. The extraordinary success of Belgian Blue Sires in crossing in Ireland is primarily due to their ability to produce more quality meat than any other breed in both dairy and suckling herds.
      Irish Blonde D'Aquitaine Breed Society Irish Blonde D'Aquitaine Breed Society  
  The Irish Blonde D'Aquitaine Breed Society Cooperative was founded in 1974 and the first Blondes were imported in 1975. There are now approximately 150 members who own about 350 pedigree cows.
      ihfa logo
Irish Holstein Friesian Association
  Holstein Friesians constitute 99% of the 1.3 million dairy cattle in Ireland.
      irish limousin
Irish Limousin Cattle Society
  The first Limousin cattle, eight 'F' series heifers, came to Ireland in 1972 via twelve weeks in the Spike Island quarantine station.
Montbeliarde Cattle Society of Ireland
  The Montbeliarde which is now present in more than 30 countries has a higher longevity than the other dairy breeds.
      irish parthenaise
Irish Parthenaise Society
  One of the oldest breeds in France, where they were used to produce the very rich milk from which the superb butter, famous in these regions is made, they are now exclusively a beef breed.
      Salers Cattle Society of Ireland
Salers Cattle Society of Ireland
  This year the Salers celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the promotion of the breed in Ireland with a present membership of over 100 breeders. Salers are better known and understood as a Suckler cow breed.
      speckle park cow
Irish Speckle Park Cattle Society
  The Speckle Park cattle breed is a beef breed of medium size that converts forage very well into beef and has a high dressing out percentage. It has established a reputation as a carcass breed, which consistently produces high quality, tasty and tender beef.
      irish simmental
Irish Simmental Cattle Society
  Simmentals were originally in Ireland since 1971. The breed originated in the Simme Valley in Switzerland and in the last century spread throughout Europe.
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