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Canadian Dairy XPO to Share Gate Revenue with Exhibitors

Coming this February to Stratford, Ontario is the Canadian Dairy XPO (CDX), a dairy event exclusively for progressive dairy operators and their families.


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The expo will feature a 250 exhibitor tradeshow, a world class speaking engagement, live working cow demonstrations and a complimentary evening function named Cheesefest.

CDX will undertake a radical marketing approach for the tradeshow category, by sharing admission gate revenue with exhibiting companies. Why would you do such a thing? We asked the Director of Marketing Donna Powell, that very question.

“The $10 off coupon redemption program is our main marketing thrust to drive a quality audience to the inaugural CDX. Our exhibitors have relationships with their customers and when all buy into this program, the returns can be exceptional for all those involved.” states Powell. “We have reduced the cost of admission for producers and given our exhibitors a chance to share in the gate revenue, with every coupon that is redeemed with their company logo. The program is simple and it significantly improves the ROI for the attending producer, exhibitor and CDX.”

Admission with a coupon is $15. The attending producer will receive an impressive line-up of value. Each day opens with a complimentary buttermilk pancake breakfast, the latest in education and technology transfer, live cattle displays, genetic demonstrations and a Cheesefest networking function on opening night.
Alltech, a CDX founding partner, has made a 3-year commitment and is well known for their marketing savvy.

“Alltech operates in 128 countries around the world and prides itself on being elite global agricultural marketers. We make marketing decisions based on the ability to measure and evaluate the ROI of each initiative we embark. We are thrilled that CDX has taken the lead on helping us measure ROI and then going a step further, in sharing their gate revenue with the exhibitor base. A very unselfish offer; one that we think will be game changing in the tradeshow world” states Emily Kay, Canadian Marketing Manager at Alltech.

This novel marketing concept has already caught the attention of tradeshow managers in New York State, Europe and now New Zealand. “The modern company is continually challenged to measure ROI” states Powell. “As tradeshow managers, we have taken on the task of helping our exhibitors measure and improve their ROI. You cannot argue with results!”

It is refreshing to see agriculture break into mainstream media. Agriculture is now building recognition with strategic, measurable mass marketing. Milk, cheese and yogurt consumption is on the rise at the consumer level and the opportunity for value added dairy products has never been so vibrant and optimistic.

The Canadian Dairy XPO has signed on a powerful lineup of Founding Partners that have committed to the project for 3-years: Jaylor, Grand Valley Fortifiers, Alltech, Pfizer, RBC, Progressive Dairyman, DFK, POST and Collins Barrow. National breed associations committed: Holstein Canada, Jersey Canada, Ayrshire Canada, Canadian Guernsey, Canadian Brown Swiss & Braunvieh and the Canadian Milking Shorthorn Society.

The Canadian Dairy XPO takes place at the Stratford Rotary Complex in Stratford, Ontario. The 2013 event is scheduled for February 6, 7 2013.

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