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W E Jameson to Launch New Country Store in Masham

Animal feed merchant, WE Jameson is planning to open a new country store and farm trade office at its Masham, North Yorkshire-based mill headquarters this autumn.

left to right
Ann-Marie Brown; Graham Jameson; Kathryn Lawson

Ann-Marie Brown; Graham Jameson; Kathryn Lawson

The family-owned business already sells a variety of pet food, DIY and gardening products, in addition to livestock feed and fertiliser. However the new store will carry a much wider range of goods, explains WE Jameson director, Graham Jameson.

“The idea for the expansion of our country store originated from our customers; they have regularly asked us for clothing, gifts and equestrian equipment while they were collecting their feed supplies,” says Mr Jameson. “We have plenty of space at our site in Foxholme Lane, so it seemed like a natural progression. Despite the significant increase in the number of products we will be offering, we will retain our focus on agriculture and the outdoors,” he stressed.

The new country store, which is due to open in mid-September, will use part of the original store building. The ground floor will cover almost 280 square metres (3,000 square feet) and a mezzanine level is also being built. Equestrian and outdoor clothing and equipment, gifts and cards with a rural theme, gardening and pet supplies will be on offer. The clothing range will be extensive and include popular brand names, such as Toggi, Hunter, Sherwood Forest and Lazy Jack.

“There were a number of items, such as clothing, that we were previously unable to stock, because the old site was linked to the feed mill, which meant dust was a problem,” says Mr Jameson. “The new premises have been sectioned off, to avoid this issue, while in the meantime we will run the store from a spare building on site. The previous arrangement was to open from Monday to Saturday, but we may operate on Sundays in the future, if there is enough demand.”

WE Jameson has expanded its team of 34 employees, by taking on two local people to run the new store. Ann-Marie Brown is the shop manageress, assisted by Kathryn Lawson, who will work in a new farm trade office. Both staff members are qualified animal health (RSQP) advisers.

“We think farmers will be better served by the new farm trade office, as we will have a much greater range of products to choose from. These include farm animal health products, workwear, spray marker, drenches, milk replacers, colostrum and electrolytes, electric fencing equipment and water fittings. There will also be displays of the other various agriculture-related goods we have in stock,” says Mr Jameson.

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