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Stackyard News Jun 2012

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Monitoring Grassland Management

Discussing Grassland Management at the next Monitor Farm Meeting will be John Vipond of the Scottish Agricultural College. Taking place on the 26th of June at Donkin Rigg, John will focus on Grassland Management discussing how to increase profitability by getting the maximum benefits from herbages.

Simon Bainbridge

Simon Bainbridge

Following this, Simon Bainbridge of the Northumberland Monitor Farm will discuss the sheep strategy looking to be implemented on the farm.

Grazing has been identified as an area for potential improvements and John will be looking into rotational grazing on the farm, set stocking and improving management of the grazing grass. This will include pasture clover contents, grass dry matter production and utilisation and making the most of finishing lambs. He will also encompass a look at mixed forages such as clovers and lucernes and the potential these have for both conventional and organic farms.

From an analysis point of view, John will delve into how much grass the farm produces versus what the stock actually consume.

Simon Bainbridge commented on the progress of the Monitor Farm through the beginning of a very wet summer;

“There was much food for thought given at last month’s meeting which cemented the foundations of our sheep strategy to go forward.”

“We have had an excellent plan in place for the cattle side of the business and now it is time to bring the sheep side up to the same level. Certainly I have found that one of the most important lessons that we have learnt in the time that we have been a Monitor Farm is that it pays dividends to have strategy in place as this ensures you know where you want to be in both the short and long term and heading forward.”

“As is occurring almost country wide, the weather is proving a bit of a nightmare. While the grass is still growing and the spring lambs doing well we are a good fortnight behind where we should be on jobs and could really do with a little bit of sun. The red clover silage should have been cut and the rain will certainly be hindering its quality, and frustratingly we still have not been able to get the shearing done either”.

The aim of the Monitor Farm Project is to improve efficiency and productivity and share successes (and failures) with farmers in Northumberland and beyond. All Monitor Farm Meetings are open to all farmers in the region and are designed to be both practical and relevant.
Those wishing to attend the meeting should book to reserve a place by contacting EBLEX on 0870 609 1840 or email Meeting at Donkin Rigg at 5pm for a 5.30pm start. Refreshments will be available.

The Monitor Farm is supported by Lantra Landskills NE, RDPE, EFFP, NNATA, EBLEX and is managed by its steering group; including John Naylor and John McFarlane from the Alnorthumbria Vet Group.

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