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Roman Wall Show 2012

The Roman Wall Show was held at the picturesque venue of Steel Rigg near The Twice Brewed on Saturday 9th June. The morning was wet but, as the day progressed, the sun appeared over the Roman Wall and shone down onto a tremendous show of sheep with entry numbers matching that of previous years.

© Robert Smith Photography
Roman Wall Show

With the Blackface classes as strong as ever it was up to Mr Steven Hogg of Rookland, Harbottle to expertly judge the section. His champion was a ewe lamb entered by Daniel Walton of Wanwood Hill and shown by Philip and Chris Walton. This ewe lamb is out of a Stewartshields ewe and is sired by a Mount Benger tup bought out of Lanark.

In the Swaledale Section, a tup hogg shown by the Collinson family from Billingshield, Eastgate, won the championship on its first outing in the show ring. This incredibly correct tup hogg chosen by judge Mr Sam Hodgson of Glencoyne, Penrith, is sired by a Bull and Cave tup and is out of a ewe by the Wayne Whinspear tup.

With a larger show of Bluefaced Leicesters at the show this year it was up to judge Mr Colin Dent of Greenriggs, Cumbria to work his way through the classes. Father and son team of Robin and Martyn Archer came out on top securing their first championship of the day with a homebred tup lamb. He is sired by another homebred tup, Carry House Cracker and is out of a ewe by the infamous Breck House stock tup.

Once again the largest classes of the day were the single mule ewe lamb classes, with over 30 entries in both Blackface cross and Swaledale cross classes respectively, giving Mr Douglas Hall, Firth the unenviable task of judging them. Champion mule this year came from the Blackface section for Robin and Martyn Archer, thus giving them their second championship of the day. This outstanding lamb is by the Breck House tup.

This being the first time the Roman Wall Show has had Texel classes, there was some real quality presented in front of the judge, Mr Brian Hall, Ainstable Hall, Cumbria. Local Breeder Jackie Raine secured the Championship with a clipped tup hogg with outstanding correctness and conformation for prime lamb production as well as breeding qualities.

Champion Mule from R D Archer & Son
© Robert Smith Photography
Champion Mule from R D Archer & Son

Tom Edgar of Whitton, Kelso had the job of choosing our Overall Champion and he opted for the Bluefaced Leicester Ram Lamb from Carry House and ensured the Archer Family enjoyed a very memorable day at the Roman Wall Show.

Class 1 RAM, 2 Shears or over, rough
1.N.Robson 2.W.& P.F.Walton 3. J.Halbert
Class 2 Ram, 1 year old, clipped
1.A.Murray & Sons 2.A.Murray & Sons 3.Miss P.Snaith
Class 3 Ram Lamb
1.J.Halbert 2. A.Murray & Sons 3.W.& P.F.Walton
Class 4 Ewe, rough, suckling a lamb
1.J.Halbert 2.W.& P.F.Walton 3.W.Woodman
Class 5 Single Ewe Hogg, rough
1.W.& P.F.Walton 2.W.Woodman 3.W.Woodman
Class 6 Ewe Lamb
1.Wanwood Partners 2.Wanwood Partners 3.W.& P.F.Walton
Class 7 Shepherd or Shepherdess's Rough Hogg
1.B.Nicholson 2.B.Nicholson 3.J.Wilson
Class 8 Best GROUP
1.W.Woodman 2.A.Murray & Sons 3.W.& P.F.Walton
Class 9 Best Wooled Blackface - drawn from Section 1
1.W.& P.F.Walton 2.N.Robson 3.A.Murray & Sons
Class 10 Best Confirmation Blackface - to be drawn from Section 1
1.A.Murray & Sons 2.A.Murray & Sons 3.W.& P.F.Walton

Ridley Challenge Cup - for best entry in Section 1: Wanwood Partners
TW Weatherson Memorial Cup - Best ram in Class 2: A.Murray & Sons
The Joicey Memorial Cup - Best Blackface in Classes 1-3: A.Murray & Sons
The D Carr Memorial Perpetual Challenge Cup: Best Blackface Female: Wanwood Partners
The Challenge Cup for Best entry for Class 7: B.Nicholson
The Alan McFarlane Memorial Challenge Cup-Best Entry in Section 1: Wanwood Partners

Class 11 RAM, aged 1.I.Collinson 2.K & S.M.Johnson 3.J.A.Thompson
Class 12 SHEARLING RAM, rough 1.K & S.M.Johnson 2. J.R.Dalton 3.J.A.Thompson
Class 13 RAM, 1 year old 1.I.Collinson 2.I.Collinson 3.J.R.Dalton
Class 14 RAM, 1 year old or over - confined to Northumberland
1.K & S.M.Johnson 2.J.R.D.Short
Class 15 EWE, rough, suckling a lamb 1.W.D.& B.Thompson 2.J.R.Dalton 3.K.&S.M.Johnson
Class 16 GIMMER, rough, suckling a lamb 1.W.D.& B.Thompson
Class 17 SINGLE EWE HOGG, rough 1.I.Collinson 2.I.Collinson 3.W.D.& B.Thompson
Class 18 Group 1.I.Collinson 2.K & S.M.Johnson 3.J.A.Thompson
Class 19 Best Wooled Swaledale 1.J.A.Thompson 2.W.D.& B.Thompson 3.J.R.Dalton
Class 20 Best Confirmation Swaledale 1.K & S.M.Johnson 2.J.R.Dalton 3.J.R.D.Short
The Johnson Challenge Cup - Best entry in Class 14: K.& S.M.Johnson
The H Johnson Perpetual Challenge Cup - Best Entry in Section 2: I.Collinson

Class 21 RAM, aged
Class 22 SHEARLING RAM 1.D.Swallow 2.Miss P.Snaith 3.Messrs Ridley
Class 23 RAM LAMB 1.R.D.Archer 2.J.Smith-Jackson 3.R.D.Archer
Class 24 EWE, rough, suckling a lamb 1.R.D.Archer 2.B.& A.Little 3.B.& A.Little
Class 25 EWE HOGG 1.R.& F.Wilson 2.R.& F.Wilson 3.D.H.Swallow
Class 26 EWE LAMB 1.J.Smith-Jackson 2.R.D.Archer 3.R.D.Archer
Class 27 1 EWE Lamb and 1 TUP Lamb 1.R.D.Archer 2.J.Smith-Jackson 3.Messrs Ridley
Class 28 GROUP 1.R.D.Archer 2.R.& F.Wilson 3.J.Smith-Jackson

Challenge Cup presented by Hargreaves Ltd - Best entry in Section 3: R.D.Archer
Challenge Cup presented by Exors - Best Pair entered in Class 27: R.D.Archer
Teasdale Rosebowl - Best entry in Class 28: R.D.Archer

Class 29 SINGLE EWE LAMB (Off B/F) 1.R.D.Archer & Son 2.R.D.Archer & Son 3.R.D.Archer & Son
Class 30 SINGLE EWE LAMB (Off Sw) 1.J.Smith-Jackson 2.K.James 3.J.Smith-Jackson
Class 31 PAIR OF EWE LAMBS (Off B/F) 1.R.D.Archer & Son 2.R.D.Archer & Son 3.Messrs Ridley
Class 32 PAIR OF EWE LAMBS (Off Sw) 1.J.Smith-Jackson 2.J.Smith-Jackson 3.B.Moore
Class 33 TWIN EWE LAMBS 1.J.Smith-Jackson
Class 34 GROUP of Three Mules 1.R.D.Archer & Son 2.J.Smith-Jackson 3.B.Moore

Challenge Cup - Best Mule Ewe Lamb: R.D.Archer & Son
Minsups Challenge Shield Best Pair of Mule Ewe Lambs bred from Blackface or Swaledale R.D.Archer & Son
Ritemix Challenge Cup - Champion Mule Sheep: R.D.Archer & Son Reserve
P.F. & K.Challenge Cup - Best Group of 3: R.D.Archer & Son

Class 35 Aged Ram 1.T.Carruthers 2.J.Halbert
Class 36 Ram, 1 Year Old 1.Mrs J.Raine 2.M.W.Skidmore Ltd 3.M.W.Skidmore Ltd
Class 37 Ram Lamb 1.M.W.Skidmore Ltd 2.J.Halbert 3.Mrs J.Raine
Class 38 Ewe 1.J.Halbert 2.T.Carruthers 3.O.Harrison
Class 39 Ewe Hogg 1.M.W.Skidmore Ltd 2.M.W.Skidmore Ltd
Class 40 Ewe Lamb 1.J.Halbert 2.T.Carruthers 3.J.Halbert
Class 41 Group 1.M.W.Skidmore Ltd 2.J.Halbert 3.Mrs J.Raine

Solway and Tyne Texel Breeders Cup - Best Entry in Section 5 :Mrs J.Raine

Class 42 BEST SHEEP by committee member: 1.W.Walton 2.J.Murray 3.D.Swallow
Class 43 BEST SHEEP by under 16 yrs of age: 1.D.& J.Robson 2.L.Murray 3.J.Coates
Class 44 BEST GROUP (Roman Wall Farm): 1.Sewingshields 2.Great Chesters 3.Chapel House
Overall Champion: A.Murray & Sons, Sewingshields
Overall Champion Group:W.& P.F.Walton, Penpeugh

A.Matthews Challenge Cup - Class 42: W.Walton
Northumberland National Park Perpetual Challenge Cup Class 43: D.& J.Robson
National Trust Cup - Class 44; Sewingshields
Challenge Cup - Overall Sheep Champion: R.D.Archer & Son

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