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The New Zetor Forterra HSX Debuts at TechAgro 2012

Traditional Czech agricultural technology manufacturer Zetor has expanded its line of time-tested tractors this year.

New model for 2012: Zetor Forterra HSX

Zetor Forterra HSX

The new Forterra HSX offers many technological innovations that ensure higher performance, comfort and safety and also significantly raise its use value. One of the main innovative features of this model, with its new generation four-cyclinder turbocharged motor, is its HSX reverse gear, which makes tractor control much easier.

The new five-gear synchronized gearbox enables speeds of 30 + 30, along with a three-stage automatic torque multiplier with pressure increased to 19 bar. The engine has high torque backup (34%), great startability even at very cold temperatures, excellent durability and low fuel consumption. Its high performance is guaranteed not only by modified cylinder heads, but also by enhanced hydraulic valves and the new fuel injection system. The engine is also equipped with a particular filter to lower emissions.

The new electro-hydraulic power shuttle provides greater ease and use value. Shifting of the PTO drive shaft is also hydraulically controlled. Two external auxiliary hydraulic cylinders ensure uniform load distribution on the tractor and a lifting force up to 7,000 kg. The reliability of the hydraulic system is secured by a moderated pressure filter. With its 2,490 mm wheelbase, the Forterra HSX is more stable and safer.

HitchTronic – revolutionary innovation for all types of terrain

Another innovation is Zetor’s patented revolutionary automatic HitchTronic rear three-point suspension control, which allows the tractor to adapt to any terrain as it plows. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, your work will become much easier and efficient. The quality of soil or the type of equipment doesn’t matter. Moreover, when using HitchTronic, you also save fuel, thus helping to protect the environment. The HitchTronic system was market launched just a few months ago and Zetor is already winning recognition for it; at the international exhibition Agrotech 2012 in Poland it was awarded a gold medal.

Safe, comfortable and compatible

The dash board comes equipped with an LCD display that shows information for operation and servicing in a more user-friendly and clearly structured format. In the driver’s seat there is a safety switch which prevents the engine from starting or the tractor from setting in motion when the driver is not seated. The mounting of the cabin on silent blocks and use of combined flooring has greatly reduced transmission of noise and vibrations to the driver’s cabin.

Zetor tractors are robust and necessitate only minimum maintenance and low operating costs. The same applies to the new model Forterra HSX, which can also use biofuel and bio-oil. The remarkable performance of this model will enable you to utilise larger capacity equipment; it may also be aggregated with various combinations of agricultural equipment. Consequently, the number of field traverses is decreased, which - along with the low-profile tyres that may be also used for this model – helps reduce soil compaction. The tractor is compatible with agricultural attachments of domestic and foreign origin or special aggregations in forestry or construction.

The universal agricultural wheel tractor Zetor Forterra HSX will be first introduced to the public at the TechAgro 2012 trade fair. Its serial production will start in June 2012.

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