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Stackyard News Jul 2010

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 58 prime cattle, 5 young bulls, 24 over thirty month cattle, 4,013 prime lambs and 4,657 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd July, 2010.

Lightweight clean cattle were short of requirements. British Blue heifers sold to 187.5p from J. Retson & Son, Gardrum to W. Kirkup & son, Butcher; Limousin 173.5p Gardrum. Heavyweight Limousin bullocks to 163.5p Dashwellgreen. Black & White bulls to 118.5p Jerriestown, with Limousin bulls from the same to 125.5p.

OTM cattle were still in demand with more Black & White cows on offer which saw all classes selling to a respectable trade. Top price of 111.5p (twice) for a Limousin cow from J.W. Coulthard & Son, Brisco Hill and a Shorthorn cow from I.H.G. Warden, Skelfhill. Other Shorthorn 107.5p Skelfhill; Limousin 95.5p Tinnis Hall and Hardhurst, 92.5p Tinnis Hall and Greystoke, 87.5p Wyseby Hill; Angus 86.5p Girnwood; Friesian 86.5p Roanstree, 83.5p, 82.5p Dockray Hall, 71.5p Harelawhole. Limousin steers to 109.5p Burnside; British Blue 107.5p Burnside. Limousin cows to £679.88 per head from Greystoke, £601.65 Tinnis Hall; Shorthorn £666.50, £635.55 Skelfhill; Friesian £589.88 Dockray Hall, £583.88 Roanstree.

Longtown Mart

The 4,013 prime lambs were the largest show of the season thus far. A larger ring of buyers were in attendance and hungry for sheep, leading to a sale average of 169.5p per kilo. All types were easy to sell and a good show of export types were present.

Top price per kilo of 197p for Beltex’s from Ormiston and to £90.80 per head for Texels from Willimoteswick, others £88.80, £86.80 Burnside; Suffolk £85.50 Swainsteads, £83.80 Upper Mains, £82.80 Barnglies; Beltex £82.80, £74.20 Mouldy Hills; Charollais £79.80 Quarryfield, £75.80 High House; Greyface £73.80 Midtodhills, £72.20 Drumcork; Half Bred £73.20 Dodgsonstown, £70.20 Earlside; Oxford £68.80 Guards, £66.50 Midtodholes; Cheviot Mule £65.80 Low Rough Hill, £64.80 Terrona; Blackface £64.50 Penpeugh, £57.80 Butterdales; Leicester £63.80 Morley Hill; Lleyn £62.80 Nirvana; Dorset £61.80 Butterdales.

The 788 light weight lambs sold to a top of £68.80 for Beltex from Ormiston; Texel £64.80 Catslackburn, £64 Stonehouse, £63.20 Edges Green; Suffolk £59.80 Newington, £58.20 Whitstonehill; Hill Cheviot £57.50 Commonside; Blackface £57.80 Penpeugh; Greyface £56.80 Whitedyke, £54.80 High House; Charollais £52.80 Smithy Court; Swaledale £50 Laalsteins and Kirkland Green.

An excellent show of 4,657 cast ewes and rams was forward to a larger ring of buyers, which saw a very good trade for all classes, and all classes being sharper on the week. Top price achieved was £158.50 for a Charollais tup from Severs; Leicester £133.50 Upper Hindhope and Morley Hill, £96.50 Morley Hill; Texel £133.50 Longyester, £128.50 Wester Dunnet; Suffolk £118.50 Aimshaugh; North Country Cheviot £116.50 Wester Dunnet; Beltex £94.50 Tercrosset; Hill Cheviot £80 Upper Hindhope; Blackface £66.50 Milnmark and Upper Hindhope; Swaledale £54.50 Aimshaugh.

Heavy ewes to £138.50 for Texels from Paulsland, others £130.50 Oldfield, £122.50 Severs; Suffolk £128.50 Stackbraes, £123.50 Little Orton; Leicester £123.50 Roxburghmill, £118.50 Stackbraes, £110.50 Upper Hindhope; Bleu d’Maine £114.50, £102.50 Whitehill Cottage; Beltex £99.50 Tercrosset, £92.50 Wester Dunnet; Cheviot Mule £96.50, £92.50, £87.50 Sibmister; North Country Cheviot £94.50 Wester Dunnet, £93.50 Stackbraes, £84.50 Timpendean; Half Bred £90.50 Patties Hill and West Farm, £82.50 Newington; Charollais £88.50 The Wreay; Greyface £84.50 Muirhead and Bally Quillan, £79.50 Hartside; Zwartbles £70.50 Hillside.

Hill ewes to £78.50 Coytre, £68.50 Whins, £64.50 Upper Hindhope; Blackface £68.50 Butterdales and Longyester, £64.50 Culquhasen; Lleyn £58.50 High House; Swaledale £56.50 Burn House, £54.50 Kirkland Green and Miller Hill; Jacob £48.50 Alton; Herdwick £36.50 Hayclose, £35.50 Mossband House.


Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 155.5p (132.1p)
Heavy to 163.5p (144.1p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 137.5p (134.4p)
Heavy to 187.5p (156.4p)

Young bulls 125.5p (113.4p)

Light to 188.0p (171.4p)
Standard to 197.0p (170.3p)
Medium to 194.0p (169.3p)
Heavy to 189.0p (166.4p)
Overweight 156.0p (154.5p)

Light to £78.50 (£41.96)
Heavy to £138.50 (£74.53)

Cast Rams £158.50 (£92.53)

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