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Stackyard News Feb 2010

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First Ever National All Breeds Show Welcomed by the Industry

Last week’s National All Breeds Show came to a fitting finale when the prestigious interbreed Dairy Burke Trophy was judged after the completion of the breed classes.

Berryholme Shottle Flo Holstein breed champion

Berryholme Shottle Flo Holstein breed champion

This was the first ever ‘all breeds’ show for organisers, Holstein UK, and high numbers of cattle entries firmly cemented the occasion as the premier event for dairy cattle exhibits in the annual showing calendar.

The coveted Burke Trophy - formerly awarded at the Royal Show – was the icing on the cake and remained in the hands of the Holstein breed, who also won the Burke at the last Royal Show in 2009.

Fending off strong competition from the other six groups from the Jersey, Guernsey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Red and White and Dairy Shorthorn breeds, the triumphant Holsteins were breed champion, Berryholme Shottle Flo and intermediate champion, Smiddiehill Durm Ashlyn. Flo is owned by David Wright and his parents Francis and Anne from near Kendall inCumbria and Ashlyn comes from Cheshire-based Mark Nutsford and his father-in-law, Bill Nadin, Derbs. Both were young cows in their second lactations, the champion sired by UK-bred Picston Shottle and her partner by Regancrest Elton Durham.

Burke lineup with judge Seimon Thomas

Burke lineup with judge Seimon Thomas

Dairy Shorthorn breeder and interbreed judge, Seimon Thomas from Pembrokeshire said the Holstein pair were by far the best example of their breed.

Breed championships also went to D & C Sanderson’s Middle Emerald Mr (Ayrshire); J Lochhead’s Kedar Becks Alice (Brown Swiss); N Madeley’s Nejay Erin 2 (Dairy Shorthorn); Evans & Sales Partnership’s Bickfield Rainbow 51 (Guernsey); and D P Manning & Co’s Ellerdine Easton Crystal 2 (Jersey).

Commenting on the event, whose forerunner was the successful National Holstein Show, John Cochrane from the Ayrshire Cattle Society said: “We were extremely happy to be taking part in an event at which there were so many people interested in cows. It gave us a great shop window for the Ayrshire breed and was thoroughly enjoyed by the cattle exhibitors.”


H Wright & Son’s Berryholme Shottle Flo
Riverdane Holsteins & W J Nadin’s Smiddiehill Durm Ashlyn

BREED CHAMPION: D & C Sanderson’s Middle Emerald Mr
RESERVE CHAMPION: Mr S P R & Mrs L Reed’s Rhos Frumpy
HONOURABLE MENTION: Messrs S N Bailey & Partners’ Attwell Bethia 20

BREED CHAMPION: J Lochhead’s Kedar Becks Alice
RESERVE CHAMPION: R & S McColm’s Kedar Special Melanie

BREED CHAMPION: N Madeley’s Nejay Erin 2
RESERVE CHAMPION: MS & EAE Davies’ Elkington Gentle

BREED CHAMPION: Evans & Sales Partnership’s Bickfield Rainbow 51
RESERVE CHAMPION: I & D Crouch’s Luckley Sylvia 15

BREED CHAMPION: H Wright & Son’s Berryholme Shottle Flo
RESERVE CHAMPION: HP Rawcliffe/FR Lawson & Son’s Almond Stormatic Avis
HONOURABLE MENTION: Messrs Dennison’s Denmire Lheros Pamela 8

BREED CHAMPION: D P Manning & Co’s Ellerdine Easton Crystal 2
RESERVE CHAMPION: A H Wilson & Co’s Bluegrass Jazzman Pams Panama
HONOURABLE MENTION: E M & E & I R Morgan’s Erie Jamaica Kate


CALF CHAMPION: E M & E & I R Morgan’s Erie Talent Roxy
RESERVE CHAMPION: Wills Brothers Limited’s Willsbro Sho Rachel
HONOURABLE MENTION: Whitegove Farms’ Drointon Retinue R Bell Red
JUNIOR CHAMPION: Sahara Holsteins’ Ridgefield Fortune Ash Angel
RESERVE CHAMPION: Sahara Holsteins’ Smiddiehill Goldwyn Dream

JUNIOR CHAMPION: G G Baynes & Son’s Marleycote Fleur 30
RESERVE CHAMPION: G Madeley’s Rodway Tiny 253
HONOURABLE MENTION: R Stockton’s Westonia Marie 9

JUNIOR CHAMPION: G & E Fallows’ Eavesford Onward Molly

JUNIOR CHAMPION: A & D Mackellar’s Grayridge Comerica Vivacious

Genetic Elite Sale

Lot 1: Thistlerose Denholme PS Maude 3 - 2,400gns
Lot 2: Ridgefield How Elf - N/S
Lot 3: Honeypot Pledge - N/F
Lot 4: Rowantree Duplex Carmen - 2,500gns
Lot 5: Knowlesmere Breakout Paris - 3,300gns
Lot 6: Shottle Baxter Lily - 2,000gns
Lot 7: Willsbro Goldwyn F Rachel - 6,000gns
Lot 8: Willsbro Lightning S Crimson - 2,000gns
EXTRA ENTRY - Winning Junior Calf
Tregibby Debonair Lucy - 2,600gns
Lot 9: Woodmarsh Jeeves Gypsy Queen - 3,000gns
Lot 10: Bilsrow Laurin Liz - 3,600gns
Lot 11: Drointon Onward Virtue - 2,000gns
Lot 12: Woodmarsh Sanchez Lyme - 3,600gns
Lot 13: Huddlesford Wisconsin-Red Jodie Red - 4,400gns
Lot 14: Holmland Oralie Mr Sam - N/S
Lot 15: Wyndford Wisconsin August 14 - 2,700gns
Lot 16: Wyndford Wisconsin August Red 15 N/S
Lot 17: Dulais Goldwyn Ghost 2 - 4,800gns
Lot 18: Huddlesford Sanchez Melody - 5,500gns
Lot 19: First Choice Man-O-Man x ALH Polly - 5,000gns
Lot 20: Marleycote Fleur - 3,600gns

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