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    Dorper Sheep at NSA Wales and Borders Ram Sale

A breed of sheep first developed in South Africa and valued for their low maintenance will go on sale at the NSA Wales and Borders Ram Sale for the first time on Monday, September 21. Dorper Sheep will be offered for sale by Cumbrian breeder Dennis Boyes. He bought his breeding stock from Anglesey based John Rowlings.

John Rowlings with Royal Welsh prize winning Dorper

prize winning Dorper

Mr Rowlings says Dorpers, created in 1942 by crossing imported Dorset Horn Rams onto Persian Black Headed ewes, are a joy to keep. They don't need shearing and tend not to attract maggots.

And he adds:"I'm having a great trade on them this year and am selling many on the phone. You don't have to shear or dip them as you don't get dirty back ends.

"They've got good conformation and the meat is unbelievable and my local butcher takes everything. They will compete with anything in this country."

The ewes are a hardy, prolific, milky breed with excellent vigour and maternal traits. A breed standard and society were set up in 1950 and the modern Dorper has developed from these standards.

Dorpers can be found all over the world and are very popular in North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada as well as many European countries.

The NSA Wales and Borders Ram Sale will be held at the Royal Welsh Showground on Monday 21 September and will offer 5,200 sheep for sale. It's sponsored by Symtag, Ketchum and Farmers Guardian.

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