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New High Output Class Rollant Balers

Claas has introduced a new heavy duty fixed chamber round baler range, the Rollant 454 RC, Rollant 455RC and the Rollant 455 Uniwrap.

Claas Rollant 455
Claas Rollant 455

These new high capacity balers are designed to offer optimum bale density and have been designed to reliability achieve high outputs even in heavy, dense silage crops.

Rollant 454RC and Rollant 455RC

Creating a bale measuring 1.25m x 1.20m, a particular feature of these two new Rollant models is the Roto Cut chopping unit, which is designed to provide a high quality chop in all conditions.

Both Rollant models are controlled using the Claas Communicator control unit which enables the operator to not only quickly and easily set-up or change all aspects of the baler, but also record a wealth of output information.

The new Roto Cut chopping unit is fitted with a total of 25 knives giving a minimum chop length of 4.8cm. This compares to current Rollant 355 Roto Cut units that feature 16 knives.

Using the Communicator, the operator can engage either 0; 12; 13 or all 25 blades. In UK silage conditions, where a shorter chop is required, then this can be achieved by engaging all the blades. Alternatively the operator can opt for a longer chop length by engaging half the blades and then once these need re-sharpening, the second half set can then be used, so prolonging production time in the field.

Another new feature of the Roto Cut unit is the ability to hydraulically lower the chopping unit floor using the Communicator in order to clear blockages or for servicing.

Incorporated into the Communicator control unit is a blockage detection function, which alerts the operator that the floor is opening by 15mm, allowing him to slow down.

In the event that the feeding channel does block the operator will firstly lower the knives, then lower the floor and then re-engage the chamber to clear the blockage. Once the PTO speed returns to 500rpm, the floor will lift back up and the knives are re-engaged.

For even greater bale density, the new Rollant 455 is equipped with the proven Claas MPS pivoting roller system. Both the Rollant 454 and Rollant 455 feature heavier duty drive chains and roller bearings.

In addition to incorporating a ramp to facilitate loading net wrap rolls, the net wrap system on both balers also features a new electromagnetic brake system. Controlled using the Communicator, as the net wrap is used, so the braking pressure is altered to ensure that optimum and uniform wrapping tension is maintained.

Specifically on the Rollant 455, both MPS pressure and bale chamber pressure, can be adjusted via the Communicator control terminal

Rollant 455 Uniwrap

In the UK, Claas will also be offering Rollant 455 Uniwrap which completely integrates baling and wrapping in one operation.

The wrapping unit is structurally reinforced and incorporates a new hydraulic motor for a higher orbital arm speed. This results in less time to wrap each bale and ensures that the bale has finished wrapping before the next bale is ready to leave the chamber.

For accuracy and speed, large guide rollers are fitted to ensure the bale is placed centrally on the table when working on hillsides. The Uniwrap also incorporates new heavy duty knives for greater reliability and to ensure a consistent, clean cut.

The higher arm speed combined with a quicker transfer time from baler to wrapper means that the whole wrapping cycle is up to 30% faster, giving the Rollant 455 Uniwrap the potential to bale and wrap around 60 bales an hour.

All the main functions are controlled from the cab using the Claas Communicator. The specification also includes two hydraulically operated film storage boxes capable of holding a total of 12 rolls of film and to keep ground damage to a minimum the baler is carried on 550/60-22.5 tyres, with the option of larger 600/50 tyres.

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