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Frank Momber Takes Over as NBA Chairman

Duff Burrell, chairman of the National Beef Association since June 2005, has stood down after criticism of the Association’s approach to future TB control policies.

Duff Burrell

Duff Burrell

His place will be temporarily taken by Association vice-chairman, Frank Momber of Hawkley in Hampshire, until a new chairman is appointed.

Mr Burrell had advised the Association to take a seat at the new TB government/industry partnership group proposed by Defra but members from TB affected areas, disappointed by the recent announcement that badger culling will not be approved, have urged a boycott of further industry-government meetings on TB and other issues.

“The NBA commends Mr Burrell for the excellent work he had done on its behalf in a number of crucial areas since June 2005 and sincerely thanks him for the time he has taken,” said Mr Momber.

“I will call a Board of Management meeting as soon as all the directors are able to attend and it will begin the process of appointing the Association’s next chairman.”

“In the meantime I, along with other NBA representatives, will be attending the industry stakeholder meeting at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, on Friday which has been called to discuss the best way to respond to the most recent government refusal to approve badger culling.”

“The NBA in the South Devon-North Cornwall area has worked hard to put together a culling plan, called VLA9, involving 1,450 farmers whose land accounts for more than 70 per cent of a 1,400 sq kilometer area backed by strong geographical boundaries and it would like to see their applications for culling licences approved as quickly as possible.”

“I will be telling the Stoneleigh meeting that the eventual go-ahead for action within VLA9 has a much better chance of being given if the NBA, and other organisations, maintains channels to talk with government through the proposed TB partnership group – but there is no chance of any positive movement if industry-government communications on TB are severed.”

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