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Stackyard News May 08

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 98 prime cattle, 2 young bulls, 12 OTM, 5,776 prime hoggs, 289 spring lambs and 3,305 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 22nd May, 2008.

Prime cattle saw a top price of 169.5p for Limousin bullocks from Messrs R. Neill, Upper Tinwald to Maurice Wharton, Blackbrow, others to 168.5p (x2) The Gill, 168.5p Stormont, 167.5p Dashwellgreen and Stormont, 166.5p Upper Tinwald, 165.5p Dashwellgreen and Faulding Cleugh, 164.5p Dashwellgreen; Belgian Blue 164.5p Faulding Cleugh.

Heifers sold to a top of 167.5p and 164.5p for Charolais from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, Hallburn; Blonde 165.5p Upper Tinwald; Limousin 160.5p Gardrum.

A small show of OTM cattle again met a very fast selling trade with Belgian Blue cows to 139.5p and 132.5p The Throp and 120.5p Moss Side; Limousin 136.5p Wyseby Hill Cottage, 118.5p Moss Side; Black & Whites 108.5p and 105.5p Shawhead.

longtown prime sheep

A larger show of 289 spring lambs were short of requirements, good Farm Assured lambs were also in short supply. Overall average of 192.2p per kilo. Top price of £87.80 for Suffolks from Fenton Farm, others £82.20 Kimmeter Green, £82 Kilnford Croft; Texel £86 Brookfield, Haythwaite Lane and Kilnford Croft, £80 Fineview; Oxford £79.80 Guards Farm; Charollais £79.80 Woodfoot.

The 5,776 prime hoggs were presented to a full ring of buyers who ensured another buoyant trade with the sale average being 152p/kg. The top was 182.6p for Beltex hoggs from Messrs Stoddart, Hillside. Top price of £95.50 for Texels from Messrs J P Fisher, Smalmstown, others £90.50 Middlebierigg and Haas Grove; Blackface £90.50 Smalmstown; Charollais £90.50 Hillside; Suffolk £89.50 Hallburn, £87.50 Smalmstown; Zwartbles £86.50 Bankhead of Tinwald; Beltex £86.50 Almagill, £80.50 Hillside; North Country Cheviot £85.50 Smalmstown, £75.50 Whitchester; Bleu d’Main £84.50 Lurgan; Hill Cheviot £83.50 Bloan; Greyface £81.50 Culquhasen, £77.50 Smalmstown; Lleyn £74.50 Toppin Castle; Half Bred £67.50 Bridge Farm; Leicester £66.50 Colter Coats; Herdwick £60 Cardewlees; Kerry £60 Sockbridge Hall; Swaledale £59.80 Sockbridge Hall; Jacob £55.50 Port o Spittal; Kendal Rough £41.50 Copperthorns.

The lightweight hoggs were another large show and well fleshed hoggs were short of buyers requirements. Recent high rates were upheld to a top of 182 to average 145.6p. Top price was £59.80 for Cheviots from Lurgan, others to £54.80 Murtholm; Greyfaces to £53.50, £52.50 Sockbridge Hall; Blackface £57.80 Heathery Hall, £54.50 Slodahill; Suffolk £57.50 Sockbridge Hall; Herdwick £56.50 Hillside; Texel £54.50 Butterdales, £53.50 Wallholm; Beltex £54.20 Lurgan; Shetland £49.80 Sockbridge Hall; Swaledale £49.50 Ladyhousesteads; Jacob £48.50 Sockbridge Hall; Charollais £46.50 Culquhasen; Lleyn £43.80 Hallum.

The cast ewes and rams saw all classes dearer and short of requirements, to average £47.89 overall. Top of £87.50 for Texel ewes from Newry, £85.50 Roadside, £84.50 Broomhills; Beltex £82.50 Hillside and Winterhope; Rouge £81.50 Ballyclare; Charollais £78.50 Newry; Suffolks £80.50 Beechgrove, £74.50 Drumcorkm £71.50 East Mains; Suffolk cross £73.50, £72.50 Newry; North Country Cheviot £68.50, £64.50 Balnahard, £62.50 Folly; Half Bred £64.50 Guards Mill; Greyface £63.50 Ballyclare, £56.50 Cardewlees, Broomhills & Blindhillbush, £55.50 Lanehead and Upper Mains; Leicester £62.50 Hardside; Cheviot Mule £60.50 Hassendeanburn; Zwartbles £54.50 Mallsgate; Jacob £50.50 Robbiewhat; Lleyns £51.50 Glebelands.

Hill ewes to £55.50 for Cheviots from Whitchesters, £52.50 Westerkirkmains; Blackface £47.50 East Mains, £45.50 Netherton, £43.50 Ladyhousesteads; Swaledale £45.50 Howburn, Broomhills, £44.50 Randalholm, £43.50 Fordlands & Brydekirk Mains; Herdwick £37.50 Farm Close, £36.50 Butterdales, £35.50 Mossband House; Rough Fell £40.50 Bruntons Hill.

Rams to £84.50 for a Texel from Newry; Suffolk £70.50 Guards Mill; Charollais £69.50 Newry; Beltex £69.50 Ballinliss; Leicester £68.50 Ladyhousesteads; Cheviot £58.50 Whitchesters; Swaledale £44.50 Setterah Park and Laal Steins.


Light to 125.5p (125.5p)
Medium to 161.5p (143.0p)
Heavy to 169.5p (148.6p)

Light to -------p (-------p)
Medium to 160.5p (139.5p)
Heavy to 167.5p (142.3p)

Young Beef Bulls to 133.5p (133.0p)

Light to 170.3p (142.7p)
Standard to 180.7p (150.7p)
Medium to 182.5p (154.4p)
Heavy to 182.6p (154.9p)
Shearlings to 136.9p (107.1p)

Light to 168.1p (167.6p)
Standard to 208.2p (196.2p)
Medium to 205.0p (191.1p)
Heavy to 182.9p (181.0p)

Light to £55.50 (£31.06)
Heavy to £87.50 (£55.27)

Cast Rams £84.50 (£54.60)

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