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Stackyard News Jan 08

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NBA Warns on New Charges for Fallen Stock

Cattle farmers in England, Scotland and Wales, including those who have decided to hold on to pre-August 1996 born cows and bulls when the OCDS ends in December, should prepare themselves for radically revised fallen stock charges in 2009, the National Beef Association has warned.


It says that an annual collection and disposal bill of £31 million is possible now that government is looking to end free collection and disposal of fallen cattle over 24 months old from the end of 2008.

And this could lead to charges of £150 in England, £176 in Scotland and £115 in Wales per animal unless industry and government can identify new cost efficiencies that will result in some reduction.

“Current indications are that collection and disposal charges will be around £115-£176, depending on region, for the 200,000 or so cattle expected to be put through the FSS in Britain next year,” explained NBA chairman, Duff Burrell.

“Some reduction may be achieved if brain stem samples for BSE can be collected in more locations and other efficiencies introduced but these are the broad figures that face the industry in GB at present.”

“The Association is warning the beef industry of this because it does not want breeders to be taken by surprise. There are estimates that perhaps 94,000 pre-August 1996 born cattle could be held back for further breeding after the OCDS ends on December 31st this year.”

“This is almost half of the pre-August 1996 cattle estimated to be on the ground at present. However now that the owners have an inkling of the disposal charge they are likely to face from January next year it is possible that some could re-calculate the benefits against the cost and change their minds.”

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