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New Drenches Plug Vitamin Deficiencies for Sheep and Cattle Producers 04/06/07

Many UK soils are deficient in vitamins and trace elements and, as a result, they will not provide grazing livestock with adequate levels. This warning, from SCA NuTec ruminant specialist Norman Downey, has prompted the company to launch a new range of drenches with specific vitamins and trace elements to plug this gap and keep performance on target.

sca multivit

"We are typically finding that grazed grass has low levels of Cobalt and Copper, as well as vitamins, although there are significant regional variations," says Mr Downey. "In Cumbria the under lying rock is basalt and forages grown on this rock type are deficient in Iodine, Selenium, Cobalt and Copper. Cobalt, Iodine and Selenium are not essential nutrients for plant growth and consequently their status in grass is very poor.

"The summer grazing season is more of a problem than winter where intakes rely more on conserved forage and concentrates, both of which are richer in vitamins and trace elements.

"Adequate vitamins and trace elements are especially important at this time of year as early lambing ewes are getting ready for tupping and lambs are being finished. In beef cattle, deficiencies will result in ill thrift, poor overall performance and reduced fertility.

SCA NuTec's new range of drenches includes a multivit drench, cobalt and vitamin drench, multivit with copper and cobalt and vitamin drench with copper. "Farmers and their nutritionists need to select the one most suited to their own situation, taking account of the livestock involved and the soil status," adds Mr Downey.

Available from agricultural merchants, these drenches may be used in feed, drinking water, milk or by oral drenching. Doses for cattle and sheep are included on the packs. For local stockists contact SCA NuTec on 01845 578125

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