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Stackyard News Apr 07

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 108 prime cattle, 8 young bulls, 8 OTM, 40 spring lambs, 4,668 hoggs and 3,634 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 19th April 2007.

longtown prime sheep

In the prime cattle section averages were down 1.5p on the week. Top was 136.5p paid by Messrs Nattrass, Butcher, Carlisle for a Limousin heifer from D & L Graham, Southlambhill, others to 134.5p Hallburn, 132.5p Slealands, 130.5p Englishtown. Charolais heifers from Dashwellgreen to 133.5p, 132.5p. Galloway heifers 119.5p Skitby.

Blonde bullocks sold to 134.5p from Hallburn, to Messrs Nattrass, Belgian Blues 131.5p, 125.5p The Gill to Messrs Wharton, Wigton. Limousin 130.5p Hallburn, 128.5p, 126.5p Dashwellgreen, 126.5p Hallburn, 125.5p The Gill.

Young bulls sold to 130.5p, 129.5p for Limousin from Southlambhill.

A small show of OTM were dearer with Limousin cows to 93.5p Englishtown, Friesians 79.5p Halltown, Angus 75.5p Guards, Charollais 74.5p Bellfield.

As expected with the downward trend in the sheep trade, there was a smaller show of hoggs forward. Buyers proved to be keener than anticipated with exportweights selling between 110 and 120p/kg to a top of 128.7p for Beltex from G Mitchinson & Son, Highgreenhill. Heavy hoggs still difficult to sell to a top of £54 for Charollais from Christielands, Suffolks to £52.20 Kilncroft, North Country Cheviots £51.50 Kilncroft, £50.90 Middlestot, Texels £52 Chestnuts, Greyfaces £50 Kilncroft, £49.50 Gallowberry. Blackfaces £48.80 Bush of Ewes, Beltex £52.80 Highgreenhill, Leicesters £50 Netheronsett.

Lightweight hoggs were also easy to sell to average 110p overall. Top price per head was £41 for Beltex from Netheralbie & Cheviots from Arkleton. Texels £38.80 High Stenries, Greyfaces £35.80 Beechcroft, Blackfaces £37.80 Burnbrae, Swaledales £37.20 Reaygarth, Herdwicks £35.80 Brookfield, Shetlands £34 Beechcroft.

The 40 Spring lambs were as expected also cheaper selling around 130 to 135p/kg. Top per head was £64 for Suffolks from Old Rectory, others £56.80 Kilnfordcroft, £55.80 Cleughfoot. Texels £60.80, £58.50 Old Rectory.

A smaller entry of cast ewes and rams were forward, with all classes easier on the week by £10 per head from last weeks extreme rates.

Top was £76.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Greenlands, Suffolks £66.50 Land Farm, Suffolk x £66.50 Cardew Hall, Halfbred £58.50 Newry, Bleu du Maines £56.50 Roadside, Leicesters £48.50 Bellmount, Charollais £68.50 Thackwood, Beltex £66.50 Ballyrobert, North Country Cheviot £59.50 Roadside, Greyfaces £48.50 Miller Hill, Cheviot Mules £44.50 Clackmae, Mashams £44.50 Finnis.

Hill ewes to £37.50 for Cheviots from Kilfinnan, Blackfaces £33 Easthouse, £32.50 Eastlandends, Swaledales £29.50 Morley Hill, LLeyns £34.50 Guards Farm.

Rams to £59.50 for Suffolks from Dairy Farm, Texels £58.50 Dairy Farm, Bleu de Maines £53.50 Roadside, Leicesters £50.50 Ballyrobert, Cheviots £39.50 Pentoel, Charollais £44.50 Logan Hall, Dorset £50 Roadside, Blackfaces £32.50 Almagill.


Light to 113.5p (113.5p)
Medium to 121.5p (92.4p)
Heavy to 134.5p (118.9p)

Light to 125.5p (125.5p)
Medium to 132.5p (117.6p)
Heavy to 136.5p (117.2p)

Young Beef Bulls to 130.5p (99.3)

Light to 119.3p (108.4p)
Standard to 121.5p (109.7p)
Medium to 128.7p (109.0p)
Heavy to 105.9p ( 94.5p)
Others to -----p (-------p)

Light to ------p (------p)
Standard to 124.6p (122.8p)
Medium to 130.0p (127.0p)
Heavy to 136.1p (126.7p)

Light to £37.50 (£24.42)
Heavy to £76.50 (£43.64)

Cast Rams £59.50 (£38.75)

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