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Stackyard News Jul 06

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    NFUS Reacts To Collapse Of Trade Talks

NFUS has reacted to the collapse of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) talks following irreconcilable differences between the major nations.


NFUS Chief Executive Andy Robertson said:

“The collapse of the WTO talks comes as no real surprise. It is unlikely we will see negotiations begin again this autumn and it is not inconceivable that meaningful WTO discussion could be years away now.

“Last week in Brussels, I urged Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson not to make further concessions to the US and others without getting anything back in return. From a Scottish perspective, there is therefore relief that the EU held its ground and we didn't see the agriculture industry sacrificed to get a wider trade deal agreed.

“The fact remains that the EU has gone a long way down the road of agricultural reform, whilst the US has dragged its heels and actually taken some backward steps.

“Whilst the view in Brussels was that some form of deal would be better than no deal, it would have been completely unacceptable for the EU to commit to major reform steps when the US have been so reluctant to reciprocate.

“It would be worth our own UK Government taking a leaf out of the European Commission's book. It must realise that we don't just operate in an EU market - we are in a global economy. The cries from Downing Street for further, unilateral and radical CAP reform would be catastrophic for farmers in Scotland, the rest of the UK and across Europe without insisting that the rest of the world moves in the same direction.”

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