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Great Yorkshire Show 2006 - Tomorrow’s Agriculture Exhibition

The latest developments in the agricultural world and scientific discoveries come under the microscope in the Universities Pavilion at the 2006 Great Yorkshire Show.

Cattle parade at the 2005 Great Yorkshire show.

Cattle parade

Under the heading “Tomorrow’s Agriculture” several of the region’s leading universities have put together a range of displays and demonstrations covering a wide variety of topics, from the benefits of including whole grains in our diets to how horse manure could be a solution to water pollution. Dates for the show are Tuesday 11 – Thursday 13 July when the agricultural showcase highlights both traditional farming and innovative developments in the industry.

Universities involved at this year’s Great Yorkshire Show are based at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Leeds, Sheffield, York and the Central Science Laboratory in York.

Exhibitions are:

Developing New tools for a Sustainable Economy
The need to lessen our dependence on fossil fuels by obtaining greater value from agricultural products is examined. This exhibition will explore the concept of bio-refineries, looking at new tools being developed in the Centre for Novel Agricultural product - University of York

Wholegrains and Health, Eating Your Way to a Healthy Heart
A ‘grain identification parade’ will test the public’s knowledge and help educate visitors about how to eat more whole grains - University of Newcastle upon Tyne

From Harrogate to Hawaii: Nematode Pathogens cause Severe Crop Damage
Plant parasitic nematodes cause losses to world agriculture of an estimated £75billion. Crops from around the world that suffer losses will be displayed and there will be a demonstration of recent advances in bio-technological solutions. - University of Leeds

Piglets in the F.I.R.E. & What’s Going on Inside?
Two exhibitions from Leeds University Farms, the first looks at the feeding patterns of piglets housed in groups and the second looks at developing nutritional strategies which can be used in pig production to maximize the weaned piglets potential, health and welfare. - University of Leeds

The Path of a Ugandan Honey Jar
How honey is produced using traditional practices in a country where the majority of the largely rural population live in poverty - Central Science Laboratory, York

Agricultural Manure is a Solution to Water Pollution? It’s No Cock and Bull Story!
Horse manure - and even llama droppings – are part of an effective ‘compost’ treatment system to remove the metals and acidity associated with polluted mine water - University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Killing Parasitic Worms with Fruit
Worm infections are a major problem for the livestock industry, but the proteins from some fruits are proving surprisingly effective in combating the problem - School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, Sheffield

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The Great Yorkshire Show
The Great Yorkshire Show