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New JCB 8250 Fastrac Tractor increases productivity

JCB 8250 Fastrac

JCB Landpower today unveils one of the most productive tractors in its class - the new 8250 Fastrac.

The machine - the most technologically advanced of any of JCB product - has been developed to meet farmers' increasing demands for greater productivity.

The 8250 Fastrac features:

• Massive torque from 248 hp engine
• Simple-to-operate, touch screen technology
• Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
• Biggest tyres ever fitted to a Fastrac , enabling bigger load carrying capability
• Full suspension for class-leading comfort, productivity and safe operation at high speed

JCB Landpower General Manager Ian Sayers said “Farmers are currently facing unprecedented challenges. Low commodity prices, increasing input costs and CAP reform in the EU mean that higher levels of tractor productivity are critical to profitability.

“In response to this - and following a major customer evaluation programme - JCB is launching the new 8250 Fastrac tractor. Developing 248hp and with 1179Nm of torque, this tractor comes with substantial and distinctive new features designed to deliver maximum productivity.


The new 8250 is fitted with the latest Tier 3 compliant Cummins 8.3 Litre QSC turbocharged and air-to-air intercooled engine. The 8.3 litre engine produces 248 DIN hp and produces a maximum torque of 1179 Nm between 1200 and 1400 rpm.

The engine features a common-rail fuel injection system with electronic management that allows the transmission and engine to work in conjunction with each other using JCB-developed technology.


Two full size seats are fitted in the enhanced cab with the driver's air suspended seat featuring an armrest-mounted joystick controller. This controls the direction of travel and increase / decrease in transmission ratio. Four joystick buttons can be programmed by the operator via the adjacent touch screen to perform auxiliary operations, including spool valves, PTO and transmission operations. Thus, virtually all commands can be controlled at the touch of a button or screen.


Key among a host of productive new features is the transmission. The 8250 features a two-range CVT, providing speed variation between 0-45kph and 0-65kph. The operator controls the basic transmission operations, forward / reverse and increase / decrease in speed, using a joystick. A colour touch-screen on the right hand console enables different transmission modes to be selected:-

Drive - Foot throttle varies forward speed from 0-45kph or 0-65kph fully automatically.
Manual - Having set the required engine speed with the hand throttle, the joystick is moved to the left or right to vary forward and reverse speed.
Powershift - Emulates a conventional powershift transmission operation.
Flexi - Having set the required engine speed with the hand throttle, the operator varies forward speed with the foot throttle.


New tyres specially developed for the Fastrac 80250 are available:

Rear: 710/70R38 or 650/65R38
Front: 540/65R38 or 540/65R34


As on all Fastracs, the 8250 features a twin calliper braking system that can be enhanced with optional ABS, providing unique and unrivalled stopping power.

Together with its patented full suspension providing the best ride comfort, the new 8250 joins the existing 2000 and 3000 Series as the safest tractors when travelling between fields at over 20mph.



The concept of the Fastrac range has quickly become part of modern farming practice.
With a full chassis design, front and rear suspension, Fastrac performs superbly in the field. The suspension system delivers consistent ground force through the tyres, maximising traction and minimising compaction. Therefore Fastrac gains traction through its suspension and requires less ballast than a conventional tractor. With progressive suspension, anti-roll bars and ABS braking, Fastrac safely handles surfaces as comfortably as a luxury saloon.

As the lift capabilities of the 8250 are much higher than on previous models the tyre sizes are slightly unequal. This does not however, compromise the Fastrac concept of near 50/50 weight distribution and a true four wheel drive system.


The chassis of the 8250 uses many of the features and design elements of the existing 3000 Series chassis, whilst being carefully up-rated to handle the extra performance. The front axle coil spring and damper progressive suspension and the rear axle hydro-pneumatic self-levelling suspension identical in operation to the existing Fastrac 2000 and 3000 Series system, but features modified components to provide all the comfort and traction benefits of the smaller tractors.


The 8250 comes with the option of two rear PTO speeds, either 540/1000rpm or 750/1000rpm. The speed change is performed by the touch of a button. A 6 and 21 spline shaft are supplied as standard with the option of a 20 spline shaft available. When specified with front linkage a full power 1000rpm front PTO is a further option, this is available with either a 20 or 21 spline shaft.


The primary function of the touch screen is to enable the operator to interact with the transmission. The following functions are available:

Transmission mode selection (D, M,P/S and Flexi)
Forward / reverse ratio adjustment
The setting of maximum transmission ratio in Flexi mode

The following functions can also be set up or viewed using the touch screen:

PTO, 4WD, Diff-locks and area-meter cut-outs.
Touch screen configuration, language, brightness, etc.
Diagnostic information
Joystick controlled auxiliary functions, including:
Front linkage raise / lower
Rear linkage raise / lower
Front and rear PTO on/off
2wd, 4wd and diff-lock select
Spool valve pressure A and B, neutral and float


The 8250 is fitted with a transmission mounted 180 l/min variable displacement hydraulic pump which only pumps oil on demand, therefore increasing efficiency and reducing component wear. This hydraulic pump supplies oil to the front and rear linkage systems and the auxiliary spool valves only, two further pumps supply oil to the trailer brakes, suspension and steering systems.

The tractor comes as standard with three electronic double acting four position spool valves plus the option to specify a further rear spool valve, two front auxiliary supplies, a front free-flow return or electronic front linkage. All electronic spool valves feature fully adjustable flow and time functions. Due to the operation of the variable displacement pump the 8250 is available with the option of a load sensing high flow power beyond connection.


The machine features an all new heavy-duty category three rear linkage system with a 10,000kg lift capacity, with electronic control of all functions there is also rear hitch damping as standard.

A Category 2 front linkage with a lift capacity of 3,500kg is available as an option and incorporates an electronic controller identical to the rear linkage but without a draft/position mix dial.

External raise/lower and PTO stop switches are included with the relevant options for both the front and rear of the tractor.

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