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Agriculture is the most important industry in tropical Africa. Economic development and the welfare of the majority of African people depend on the performance of the agricultural industry. The last 20 years or so have seen a steady decline in per capita food production.

AGRUDEF is a voluntary, independent, development-oriented foundation committed to improving the lives, standard of living and employment prospects in the rural areas of Awutu-Effutu-Senya, District, Central Region of Ghana.

The main objective of AGRUDEF is to provide vocational training for the rural youth, especially the unemployed, in small-scale farming and other employable skills. With the often expressed concerns about environmental degradation in mind, participants will be introduced to ecologically sustainable methods of agriculture.

They will acquire the necessary skills through apprenticeship-style training in crop, animal production, extension services, environmental protection and community development schemes. With these approaches, income levels of the rural communities will rise, and hopefully, the draft of population towards urban areas will slow down. On the basis of local community support which the foundation has cultivated, and its partnership with some organisations, it will be able to give hope to those who now have no hope, particularly the unemployed youth in the target areas.