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Much of Botswana is covered with ancient windblown Kalahari sands and the fossilised remains of a former desert. Landlocked, and roughly central to the southern African sub-continent, Botswana extends through nine degrees of latitude. These factors tend toward considerable variation in climate, but a low average rainfall. A very flat country with hilly areas along the Limpopo valley in the east, Botswana is semi-arid with rainfall figures of between 600 mm in the north to 200 mm in the south-west. Temperatures can be quite extreme - small quantities of water may freeze overnight in winter (June, July) while in October and November day temperatures can reach 40?C or more.

      Botswana college The Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA) was established on 31st May 1991 when Act No.9 - Botswana College of Agriculture Act 1991, enacted by Parliament of Botswana came into effect. The college is a body corporate, and hence a parastatal under the Ministry of Agriculture and an associate institution of the University of Botswana. BCA took over all the assets and liabilities of the former Botswana Agricultural College, which was abolished on coming into effect of act No.9 establishing BCA into its place.