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Welsh Black Cattle Societies and Associations
united kingdom     welsh black
Welsh Black Cattle Society
  Welsh Black - native British breed formerly localised in Wales but now established throughout the UK. Originally dual purpose dairy/beef breed, now regarded as quality suckler beef producer.
canada     Canadian Welsh Black Cattle Association
Canadian Welsh Black Cattle Association
  Welsh Blacks first arrived in Canada in 1970 via the U.S.A. and further direct importations have followed. They are present in nine provinces and many U.S. states, with a concentration of breeders in Alberta. Welsh Blacks offer the commercial cattleman a profitable alternative for herd improvement.
united kingdom   Rhuddel Polled Welsh Black Cattle
Rhuddel Polled Welsh Black Cattle
  The Rhuddel herd of Polled Welsh Blacks was established in 1998 with selective purchases from the Idloes, Cathedine and Morlais herds forming the foundation. Polled cattle bred for docility, easy management, forage converters and profitability
australia     Australian Welsh Black Society
Australian Welsh Black Society
  First imported into Australia from New Zealand in 1984, there are now breeders in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and South Australia. Genetics have been imported into Australia from Wales, New Zealand and Canada as semen and embryos. Australian genetics have also recently been exported worldwide.

Welsh Black Johne’s Control Provides Template 2014-Apr-22
The control of the debilitating Johne’s Disease in the Welsh Black Cattle breed serves as a template for other breeds to follow, according to the Society’s President Bruce Lawson.

Champion Welsh Black Bull Exported to Germany
Gwern-Cynyddion Rhys 37th, the Welsh Black Cattle Society’s recipient of the 2010 Bull of the Year award, has been sold to Germany.

Welsh Black Sells for 11,000gns at Dolgellau 2011-Jan-14
Caerynwch Major 6th, a 16 month old, home bred Welsh Black bull was sold for a top price of 11,000gns at the Society’s Winter show and sale on Tuesday 11 January 2011 at Dolgellau market.

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