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USA Sheep Breeders Associations and Societies
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American Sheep Industry Association
  The goal is to build strength through unity, by representing the interests of the American sheep and goat industries and creating coalitions among all industry segments.
      Blackbelly Barbados Sheep Association International
Blackbelly Barbados Sheep Association International
  The BBSAI is the international registry for both Barbados Blackbelly sheep and American Blackbelly sheep. The Blackbelly Barbados breed originally developed on the West Indies island of Barbados from hair sheep brought in by African slave traders during the 1600s.
      barbados hair sheep
North American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry
  This registry is dedicated to the preservation of a unique genetic resource - the Barbados Blackbelly hair sheep and is open to any individual who wishes to register their qualified Blackbelly Sheep.
      cheviot rams
American Cheviot Sheep Society
  The modern Cheviot breed has been produced by selection rather than by crossing.It is therefore a pure breed - one of a very few in this country.
    American Cotswold Record Association
American Cotswold Record Association

Since 1878, the American Cotswold Record Association (ACRA) has been America's official registry and certifier of Cotswold sheep, protecting consumers and producers of pure pedigreed Cotswolds--the easy-keeping "gentle white giants" of the sheep world.

      Cotswold Breeders Association
Cotswold Breeders Association

Cotswolds played a great part in early American farming history even though today they are rare. They were first introduced by Christopher Dunn into New York, near Albany in 1832. By 1879 this was the most popular breed in America. By 1914 over 760,000 were recorded and it was still a very popular breed in the West until Merinos were introduced from Australia.

      dorper society
American Dorper Sheep Breeders' Society
  In 1946 a breed project was finalized at the Grootfontein College of Agriculture in South Africa to develop a new breed from the Dorset Horn and the Blackhead Persian.
      Texas Hill Country Dorper Association
Texas Hill Country Dorper Association
  Dorpers were imported into North America in the mid 1990s. The Dorper and White Dorper are maintained as separate breeds, but they only differ in color. Bred for its lean, tender meat, its broad frame and ideal muscling, the Dorper is a very good forager, tolerant to a broad range of conditions, capable of breeding year-round with increased lambing percentages.
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