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UK Sheep Breeders Societies and Associations
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united kingdom     southdown sheep
The Southdown Sheep Society
  The Southdown bred pure will produce a fast growing prime lamb in record time. Crossed on any breed of ewe the resulting lamb will have a carcass of fine conformation and high grade if marketed correctly.
      suffolk sheep society
Suffolk Sheep Society
  The exceptional growth rate of the Suffolk contributes to their outstanding performance and popularity as the leading terminal sire in the British Isles.
      Swaledale Sheep
Swaledale Sheep
  All the information for anybody involved with or interested in Swaledale Sheep. Including breed detail, scrapie info, marketing info, sales, shows, history, photographs, private sales, contact detail and much more.
      british texel sheep society
British Texel Sheep Society
  In Great Britain, the Texels have shown that they are capable of withstanding the rigours of the Scottish winter without any hardship and their progeny have proved to be as adaptable in our climate and altitude as the Flocks in Holland and France.
      vendeen sheep society
Vendeen Sheep Society Ltd
  The Vendeen breed has been known in the Vendee region of France for many hundreds of years and is said to owe some of its blood to sheep saved from the wrecks of Spanish galleons at the time of the Armada.
      Valais Blacknose Sheep Society UK
Valais Blacknose Sheep Society UK
  The UK Valais Blacknose Society was formed in 2015 by Jenni McAllister, Raymond Irvine and Jamie Wood. Now that there is a solid presence of Valais Blacknose Sheep in the UK we felt the need to form a society in order to record and preserve the breed.
      Wensleydale Longwool  Sheep Breeders' Association
Wensleydale Longwool
Sheep Breeders' Association
  Originated in North Yorkshire early in the 19th Century from a cross between a long since extinct local longwool breed from the region of the River Tees and an outstanding Dishley Leicester ram named "Bluecap". The breed was developed to produce hardy rams for crossing onto hill ewes, together with high quality and valuable lustre fleeces.
      Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society
Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society
The Wiltshire Horn Sheep Society has since 1923 ensured the maintenance and development of the breed, promoting it at home and abroad and providing breeders, farmers and consumers with information and advice.
      Zwartbles Sheep Association
Zwartbles Sheep Association
  The Zwartbles is certainly a breed for the future, and the Zwartbles Sheep Association (ZSA) was established in 1995 to celebrate and promote the breed in the UK. Since the beginning of the last century, dairy farmers in the Friesland region of Holland have kept Zwartbles Sheep, a strikingly handsome black sheep with a distinctive white blaze.

North of England Mule - the Rolls Royce of Sheep  2020-Sep-17
Wayne Hutchinson visits the Tweedie family in Biggar on the northern edge of the Southern Uplands in South Lanarkshire and learns why they think the North of England Mule is the Rolls Royce of the sheep industry

NEMSA Feels the Heat and the Chill at Annual Gimmer Lamb Sales 2018-Nov-23
Plenty of adverse factors, primarily severe weather with extremes of both hot and cold, stacked up to make life extremely difficult for the UK breeding sheep sector this year.

NSA Disputes Reducing Sheep Would Tackle Climate Change 2018-Nov-19
The National Sheep Association is opposing the view released by the Committee on Climate Change and is pointing out the far greater benefits of sheep.

Steps to Protect the UK Sheep Industry in ‘No Deal’ Brexit 2018-Oct-05
Long-term cold storage and guaranteed public procurement of lamb will be essential in ‘no deal’ Brexit says the National Sheep Association.

Solid Ram Trade at Builth Wells in Unpredictable Year 2018-Sep-19
The highest price at the 40th anniversary NSA Wales & Border Ram Sale went to a Blue Faced Leicester ram. The 12,000 guinea sale was the highlight of a day that saw good rams sell well, but that otherwise reflected the current political and weather concerns.

NSA Confirm 2019 Sheep Event Dates 2018-Aug-10
Show season 2018 may not even be over yet but the National Sheep Association is already turning its thoughts to a busy 2019 with several NSA regions confirming dates and locations for their summer events.

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