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Romagnola Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
    Romagnola CattleRomagnola
Asociación Mexicana de Criadores de Razas Italianas
  Muestra Nacional de Razas Italianas - Programa de Ganado Mejor en Nuevo León - Ventajas que hacen valiosas a las razas Italianas - Feria Agropecuaria Regional.
    Romagnola & RomAngus Cattle Association
Romagnola & RomAngus Cattle Association
  The origins of the Romagnola breed go very far back, deriving from the bos taurus macroceros (long-horned aurochs), cattle that originated in the steppes of Eastern and Central Europe and that gave rise to various breeds similar in constitution, type, coat and shape of the head and legs.
    Romagnola Breeders Society
Romagnola Breeders Society

International interest in the Romagnola has been steadily increasing since the first cattle left Italy for Scotland in the early 1970's. Today the breed is present in Great Britain, Ireland, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Africa.

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