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Italian Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
    ANABIC Associazione Nazionale
Allevatori Bovini Italiani da Carne
  Founded in 1961 and legally recognized in 1966, the National Association of Italian Beef-Cattle Breeders (ANABIC) was estabilished to promote and implement all types of initiatives aimed towards improving, developing, and spreading the autochthonous Italian cattle breeds: Marchigiana, Chianina, Romagnola, Maremmana and Podolica.
      anarb Italian Brown Cattle Breeders' Association  
  The Bruna Italiana breed in Italy is about 800.000 strong, with 400,000 cows, 125,231 of which are registered in the herdbook (215,234 in total).More than 90% of these are bred artificially.
  ANAFI represents the interests of Italian provincial holstein breeder associations and over 15,000 member farmers with 955,000 cows registered in the national Herd Book.
      ANABRP Associazione Nazionale Allevatori Bovini Razza Piemontese  
  The Piemontese bovine breed owes its name to the region of its origin, Piemonte (Italy), and is the most important and finest Italian beef breed.
      ANAPRI Associazione Nazionale Allevatori razza Pezzata Rossa Italiana  
  The official web site of the Italian Simmental Association.
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