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Highland Cattle Breeders Societies
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black highland cattle     australian highland Australian Highland Cattle Society Inc.  
  Highland cattle were imported into Australia by various Scottish migrants in the middle of the Nineteenth Century.
usa     highland American Highland Cattle Assoc.  
  The Highland herd book was established in 1884. Around that time, American cattlemen . imported them to improve the blood lines of their herds.
canada     snow bull The Canadian Highland Cattle Society.  
  Highland Cattle were first imported into Canada from Scotland in the 1880's
    Highland Cattle Zuchtverband Niedersachsen Highland Cattle Zuchtverband Niedersachsen  
  In 1978 breeding started in the Federal Republic of Germany. This association was founded in 1990.
    highland cattle club Suomen Highland Cattle Club (RY.) Finland  
  Highland Cattle on vanha lehmarotu. Huhutaan, etta keltit olisivat Rooman valtakuntaa paetessaan kuljettaneet elaimet Skotlantiin lansirannikon saarille ja ylamaille.
    danmark Highland Cattle Denmark  
  The first Highland Cattle were imported to Denmark in 1956 and since the numbers has increased. According to the statistics from The Danish Agricultural Advisory Center - Highland Cattle is 6 in numbers out of 17 Beef Breeds in the country with purebred 4124 Highlanders.
Highland Cattle Society is biggest
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