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Suomen Angusyhdistys
  The first Aberdeen Angus animals came to Finland in 1951 when N.G.Borgström bought some animals from Sweden. Angus-breeding was started in the beginning of 1960s when J.W.Walden bought some cattle from Wye Planton-Farm from USA.
      Ayrshire Finland
Suomen Ayrshirekasvattajat ry
  Ensimmäinen varmasti tunnettu ayrshire-tuonti Suomeen on vuodelta 1845, jolloin Linderin veljekset ostivat Saksasta ayrshire-sonnin, lehmän ja hiehon.
      Suomen Highland Cattle Club
Suomen Highland Cattle Club (RY.) Finland
  Highland Cattle Club Finland was founded in April 1997. At the moment we have 79 members. In Finland there are around 2000 Highlanders and the number is growing all the time.
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