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Cheviot Sheep Breeders Societies and Associations
united kingdom     north country cheviot
The North Country Cheviot Sheep Society
  The North Country Cheviot is a big, long rugged sheep which combines thriftiness and healthiness with prolificacy and strong maternal qualities. The breed is particularly suited to grassy hills and uplands.
usa     american cheviot
American Cheviot Sheep Society
  The modern Cheviot breed has been produced by selection rather than by crossing. It is therefore a pure breed - one of a very few in this country. The modern American Cheviot is primarily a mutton sheep.
united kingdom     Brecknock Hill Cheviot Society
Brecknock Hill Cheviot Society
  The Brecknock Hill Cheviot has developed from the Scottish Cheviot that was introducted into Brecknockshire during the latter part of the 19th Century. This new strain of Cheviot thrives on exposed hills because of it’s hardiness.
united kingdom     cheviot uk
The Cheviot Sheep Society
  White faced sheep have run in the Scottish Borders for longer than records can show and The Cheviot Sheep Society is one of the oldest sheep societies in existence.
jennifer mackenzie     North Country Cheviots High Health Cheviots  
  North Country Cheviots with a high health status are now central to the radically altered enterprise on a Cumbrian upland unit.
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