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Beltex Sheep Society
  Beltex were first introduced into the U.K. from Belgium in 1989. Beltex is primarily a terminal sire to cross with British sheep and half-bred continental sheep. The breed's main characteristics are double-muscled hindquarters, coupled with fine bones.
      Beltex "Des Quatres Vents" be Belgium  
Beltex for Festive Fare
  Beltex cross lambs are ideal for the Christmas and New Year market, mainly off grass, say young Welsh breed enthusiasts Will and Rachel Gittoes.
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Beltex for Easy Lambing
  Co Down fisherman Edward Nicholson and his wife Shirley chose Beltex as their preferred terminal sire in 2000 and would not consider any other ram now.
Beltex Breeders Donate to Charity 2020-Nov-10
Between the Beltex Sheep Society and its members, £1700 has been donated to charities supporting the rural community.


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