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Bazadaise Cattle Breeders Societies and Associations
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australia   Bazadaise Breeders of Australia Bazadaise Australia  
  Bazadaise have proven since arriving their adaptability as a breed that will excel in all climatic conditions throughout Australia. They are a breed with huge potential, a breed that has the ability to make an enormous contribution to the quality of carcase supplied from the Australian beef producer.
united kingdom     bazadaise British Bazadaise Cattle Society  
  Bazadaise cattle are an easy calving but well-muscled beef breed from the Bazas area in SW France. In the UK numbers have steadily increased, being popular both with pedigree and commercial beef herds. Lighter birth weights also make them an excellent choice as a bull for the dairy herd.
australia   bazadaise australia Australian Bazadais Cattle Society  
  The Australian Bazadais Cattle Society Inc. being an incorporated body since 1998. The objects for which this society is established are:- to encourage the breeding of Bazadais cattle and to develop promote and maintain the purity and improvement of the breed in Australia.
      Hardhillock Bazadaise uk Aberdeen, Scotland  
jennifer mackenzie     Bazadaise cattle Bazadaise, the easy-care cow  
  On re-stocking after foot and mouth Richard Carruthers wanted to establish a closed herd of purebred cattle which was easy calving, very hardy and would have the ability to produce a double muscled calf.
jennifer mackenzie     Bazadaise cattle Accent on Bazadaise  
  Adam Greenhalgh and his wife Ruth were spending a holiday with Adam’s father Stephen in south West France where he has a home when they spotted the region’s native Bazadaise cattle and were quick to take note of the breed’s attributes
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