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United Kingdom     Ayrshire Cattle Society
Ayrshire Cattle Society
  The Ayrshire Cattle Society of Great Britain & Ireland is based in the breed's home territory at Ayr in Scotland. Membership is now 1000 and the society has 23 affiliated local regional clubs.
Canada     ayshire canada
Ayrshire Canada
  The breed arrival in Canada was at the beginning of 1800 through Scottish colonisers.
USA     ayrshire breeders
Ayrshire Breeders Association
  The first importations of Ayrshires to the United States was believed to have been made by H. W. Hills, of Windsor, Connecticut, around 1822.
south africa     Ayrshire Cattle Breeders' Society  of South Africa
Ayrshire Cattle Breeders' Society
of South Africa
  James Rawbone of Somerset West imported the first Ayrshires to South Africa in 1890. Since then the breed has established itself as one of the important dairy breeds in the country.
new zealand     Ayrshire New Zealand
Ayrshire New Zealand
  The first Ayrshire arrived in New Zealand in 1848, and in 1998 Ayrshire New Zealand celebrated 150 years since the first landing at Otago.
finland     Ayrshire Finland
Suomen Ayrshirekasvattajat ry
  Ensimmäinen varmasti tunnettu ayrshire-tuonti Suomeen on vuodelta 1845, jolloin Linderin veljekset ostivat Saksasta ayrshire-sonnin, lehmän ja hiehon.
australia     Ayrshire Australia Limited
Ayrshire Australia
  Today's modern Ayrshire cow has an ideal make-up to be able to compete with all breeds in all conditions. There are many pluses for the commercial breeder to use Ayrshire semen.

Bruchag Ayrshire's Top at 6,200gns2017-May-15
The McAlister family have been land holders on the Isle of Bute as far back as 1506 and are the only farmers in the British Isles to have won National Dairy Shows in the past three centuries.

Top Pedigree Ayrshire Genetics Go Under the Hammer 2017-Apr-28
Harrison and Hetherington have announced they have been invited to hold dispersal sales on behalf of two renowned pedigree Ayrshire herds; Yorkshire’s Bailiffscourt Herd and the Isle of Bute’s Bruchag Herd.

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