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Most bovine historians have come to the conclusion that the British White breed of cattle traces its roots to early 8th or 9th century Scandinavia. There is some historical evidence that polled white cows with black points were in evidence at that time in the mountains in Scandinavia. Apparently a few of these distinctly colored cows were brought to the British Isles by the Vikings, either as conquerors or via trading.
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    In 1941, on the brink of a German invasion of England, five cows and one bull of the British White breed were shipped to a Pennsylvania Prison Farm in the United States to form the foundation of today's British White herds in America.
    British White Cattle Association
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May 1999
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    The enthusiasm of these breeders has prevented the British White from being relegated to the realms of bovine legend. As you can see from this web site, this breed of cattle has most of the attributes proclaimed by the more popular 'modern' breeds.  
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