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Stackyard News Jul 2010

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New Mobile Feed Mixing Service for Pig and Poultry Producers

Pig and poultry producers in Yorkshire and the North of England now have access to a mobile feed mixing service specifically designed for non-ruminant feeds from home mixing specialists, Feedmix Ltd.

The mobile mixer is made by Tropper in Austria

The mobile mixer is made by Tropper in Austria

The Aberdeenshire-based company – part of the Harbro Group – has positioned one of its super deluxe Tropper mobile mixers at Harbro’s feed plant at Howden, North Humberside, to provide a home mixing service to pig and poultry producers in the region.

It is only the second machine of its kind in England and complements a similar unit based at Banham, Norfolk, and Feedmix’s fleet of conventional feedmobiles based at Banham, Howden, Durham and the company’s new depot at Hexham, Northumberland.

The state-of-the-art Austrian-made Tropper produces the finer, dust-free grist required for feeding to non-ruminant stock and has been introduced to meet demand from pig and poultry producers who want to utilise their own home-grown grain rather than selling grain at current low prices and buying in compound feeds.

“Home-mixing using Feedmix’s mobile mixing service allows farmers to manufacture their own high-quality feed on the farm and cuts out the double transport cost involved in selling grain off the farm and buying in feed,” said Feedmix managing director, George McCombie.

“Our feedmobile service for ruminant feeds is well established throughout Scotland and the east of England but this is the first time pig and poultry producers in England have had access to a home-mixing service specifically designed to meet the specification for pig and poultry feeds.”

Mixing is 20% faster with the Tropper compared with other feedmobiles and the unique discharge system ensures a consistent finished feed with minimal separation. The Tropper has a four-tonne capacity mixing tank with a computerised monitoring system.

“The mixing process is noise free and farmers are delighted with the quality and consistency of the finished feed which is amazingly dust-free,” said Mr McCombie.

Feedmix arrange to visit farms on a regular basis to mix feed and no farm labour is required provided grain is left in an accessible location. Straight feeds, protein supplements and minerals are added to the mix according to specification and the finished feed discharged into bins ready for feeding.

“More and more livestock farmers are appreciating the cost savings which can be achieved by using their own home-grown grain to have feed mixed on the farm to their own specification,” said Mr McCombie.

“Home mixing is becoming an even more attractive option in the light of continuing low grain prices and soaring fuel costs.”

With the backing of the Harbro Group, Feedmix is in a position to provide a complete technical and feed formulation service to suit the individual requirements of farmers.

Feedmix is registered with the National Association of Agricultural Contractors and the feedmobile service meets the requirements of the various quality assurance schemes required by retailers such as Marks and Spencer, including NSF-CMi Certification and the British Egg Industry Council’s Lion stamp for eggs which all major retailers demand.

Feedmix is the largest operator of mobile feed mixers in the UK with more than 30 years experience and a fleet of more than 20 feedmobiles, including six Troppers.

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