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Stackyard News Nov 09

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New Claas Nexos Fruit and Vineyard Tractor Range

When it comes to narrow-width tractors used in fruit and wine growing, farmers have very different requirements. In recognition of this, the new NEXOS range from CLAAS not only offers high performance and economy, but also comes with a wide range of equipment options.

Claas Nexos

This way, every farmer can configure his tractor to suit his specific needs.

The NEXOS is available in four models and three variants - the VE, VL and F - with a minimum overall width of 1.00 metres, 1.26 metres and 1.46 metres respectively. Each model offers an ideal combination of wheelbase, weight distribution and lift capacity, enabling the NEXOS to lift and pull heavy implements. During the development of this tractor, the designers at CLAAS also put emphasis on high manoeuvrability.

The NEXOS opens up new possibilities thanks to its high-performance hydraulic system. As standard, the NEXOS comes with a two-pump, 59 litres per minute hydraulic system, but a three-pump 85 litres per minute system is also available for more demanding situations.

With up to four spool valves, it is possible to drive a hydraulic motor whilst operating a control unit and the rear linkage simultaneously. This allows stress-free and user-friendly operation, particularly when turning at the headland. Furthermore, diesel consumption and hydraulic load are considerably lower, because the tractor runs at lower RPM. For enhanced comfort and precision, the NEXOS has four electronic spool valves, two of which can be operated by joystick.

Four models are available, the NEXOS 210; NEXOS 220; NEXOS 230 and NEXOS 240, which are powered by smooth-running 4-cylinder engines with power outputs of 72hp, 78hp, 88hp and 101hp respectively. The three smaller models use a 3.2-litre engine, whilst the 4.5-litre engine on the NEXOS 240 has a higher power output and a longer wheelbase for greater stability. Both engines meet the TIER 3 emissions regulations due to internal exhaust gas recirculation, turbo, intercooler (except the 210) and a mechanical injection system.

Depending on requirements, the customer has the choice of four different transmission options:

  • 12 forward/12 reverse with a mechanical reverser
  • 24 forward/24 reverse with a mechanical reverser and splitter
  • 24 forward/24 reverse with mechanical reverser and TWINSHIFT powershift
  • 24 forward/24 reverse with REVERSHIFT hydraulic reverser and TWINSHIFT powershift

The cab of the NEXOS offers a high level of comfort. The wide-opening door, the comfortable grab handles and the self-cleaning step provide easy cab access. Thanks to a wide range of seat and steering wheel adjustments, any driver can find the driving position that suits him best. In addition to this, an air-sprung seat, air conditioning and activated charcoal filter are also standard in the NEXOS.

Easily identifiable controls allow the tractor to be handled intuitively. The TCE 6 electronic control unit for the rear linkage is designed to provide even greater precision. The overall ergonomics of the cab allow for a relaxed body posture, enabling the driver to maintain a maximum of concentration even on long working days.

Daily maintenance can be carried out quickly and with a minimum of effort. This is made possible by the one-piece engine cover and by the easy accessibility of the engine and cab air filters. A major advantage of the new NEXOS is its extra-long 600-hour engine oil service intervals keep downtime and cost to a minimum.

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