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Stackyard News May 09

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New John Deere Transport Wheel for Maize Header

John Deere demonstrated an exclusive new front transport wheel on a Kemper 375 maize header, fitted to a 7750i ProDrive self-propelled forage harvester, at this week’s Bath & West Grassland UK event.

new front transport wheel on a Kemper 375 maize header

Designed by Kemper to fit the 7.5m wide 10-row header, which is the John Deere-owned company’s largest maize unit, the wheel is extremely easy and quick to remove and attach, with the whole process operated automatically from the forager cab.

Because the wheel allows the header to be carried lower on the front of the forager, it provides the driver with much better forward visibility during road transport. It also reduces the front axle load, which means lower inflation pressures can be used on the tyres, leading to lower ground pressure and less compaction in work.

In addition, there is a reduced requirement for additional weights or water ballasting of the tyres to counterbalance the header. With the front wheel fitted, there is very little ‘bounce’ on the road and it ensures that the header will not ground out when braking suddenly.

As the header wings are unfolded ready for work, the base of the front wheel frame is automatically unlatched and breaks away, allowing the top link to be unhooked and the forager to reverse away from the frame. The front safety guards remain attached to the wheel assembly, while the indicators and side lights are permanently fixed to the header. The wheel can be reattached just as simply, without the driver having to leave the cab.

Price of the new Kemper 300F front transport wheel is £6394.

Another new header transport feature for John Deere self-propelled forage harvesters was shown at the event. The latest version of the company’s 630B grass pick-up has new hydraulic folding gauge wheels that automatically lock into place for safer road transport. The wheels also provide easier height adjustment, with a choice of 10 positions using a simple locking pin.

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