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Stackyard News Jan 09

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Limousin On-Line Semen Shop Launched
29/01/09, the one-stop semen shop website has been officially launched and is open for business.


The e-commerce site has been built and introduced by Limousin Solutions Ltd, the trading company set up by the British Limousin Cattle Society.

Announcing the launch, Limousin Solutions Ltd Director Iain Kerr said that Semenstore’s principal aim was to provide a comprehensive “one-stop-semen-shop” to market, sell and purchase Limousin semen on-line in a straightforward and professional manner.

Fully automated, Semenstore has been designed to be an easy-to-use website that is practical and gives value to both semen sellers and purchasers.

It will enable prospective purchasers in the UK, and abroad, to browse, consider, find and purchase the semen of their choice, there and then, online. All handling and delivery costs will be included in the final price and delivery will be made to the purchaser’s designated delivery address.

For those selling semen, will market bulls in a professional, co-ordinated and efficient manner. Most importantly, it will collect all monies due, credit accounts on a monthly basis accordingly, and look after all aspects of storage, delivery and stock maintenance on the seller’s behalf. Taking out the admin and work involved in semen selling will be a major benefit for vendors.

Through administering a portfolio of semen on behalf of a Limousin customer base, and by automating processes to semen companies, aims to provide competitive prices on semen storage, delivery and handling costs for buyers and sellers.

“The provision of a new and professional on-line semen service will further improve Limousin marketing and branding and we hope will lead to a wider dissemination of Limousin genetics and awareness,” said Iain Kerr. “The market for this business is open to a new e-commerce approach that is imaginative and partnership based. will also provide an unrestricted entry of bulls, offering a wide choice of genetics, and will be dedicated to providing a service that is innovative and progressive.”

At the time of launch, the Semenstore has 45 bulls on the site which offer a wide choice of genetics, performance and pedigree and are suitable to a diversity of markets including the pedigree, commercial beef, dairy and export sectors.

Very much in keeping with a partnership-based approach, the Cheshire based semen company, Cogent Breeding Ltd, will be the ‘central storage hub’ and will store all semen entered onto “Cogent are one of the foremost semen companies in the UK,” said Iain Kerr. “We are delighted to be working with them in this new venture and their experience and professionalism will be of great benefit to Semenstore’s development.”

A unique feature of will be the variety of search criteria available. Easy to navigate, purchasers will have the ability to search easily for the semen that most fits their requirements and according to varied criteria.

Just some of the searches that will be immediately available within include: By name; Performance figures; Price; Pedigree and Visual appeal. Best sellers; New Arrivals; Proven Sires; Royalty Sires; Special Offers; Company Bulls & Classified listings will be amongst the other search headings.

Particular searches on performance traits or combinations of traits include:
Easy Calving; Gestation Length; Muscle; Milk; Growth & Beef Value. An interface with the BASCO livestock database will also allow purchasers to drill down fully on back pedigrees and performance information. Vendors entering semen will also have the choice of putting progeny pictures on their entries and supplying video footage of the given animal that will be playable on the site.

Semenstore is a world wide web based initiative and semen can be purchased and delivered, through automation, to any postal address in the UK. For non-UK purchasers, an easy-to-use export enquiry form will be generated to allow an enquiry to be made. Thereafter will be able to provide and forward a response on cost, delivery and eligibility.

The initial launch of the website is focussed on a strong Limousin base. It is however very much an aim to incorporate other breeds or species where there is demand and interest and the site has been built with this required flexibility.

Speaking on the launch day, Limousin Solutions Director Iain Kerr said, that this new initiative was built with an ‘added value’ purpose for customers and breeders foremost in mind: “In delivering this e-commerce site, every effort has been made to build it on a solid business platform with secure partnerships. As such we are delighted to now be launching this exciting new initiative.”

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