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Stackyard News Oct 08

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Two New Smaller Claas Jaguars

Following the introduction of the new JAGUAR self-propelled forage harvester range last autumn, CLAAS has added two new models, to offer the most extensive range of machines from any manufacturer.

Claas Jaguar 940

claas jaguar 940

These two new additions mean that CLAAS now offer a total of 20 models, which reinforces the company’s position as the leading Worldwide manufacturer of self-propelled forage harvesters. By offering such a wide range, CLAAS can ensure that it has the product and solution for all customer needs.

To clearly define these models, the range is split into two product groups. The JAGUAR 494 range covers all the latest JAGUAR 900 series machines, which offer the benefit of increased efficiency and output, plus enhanced operator comfort thanks to the new VISTA cab, whilst the JAGUAR 492 range covers the previous JAGUAR 800 series machines.

As with the rest of the new JAGUAR 494 models, these two additional lower powered models incorporate many new features designed to make operating the forager as easy as possible for the operator, and so increase output.

The two new models, the JAGUAR 940 and 930 have power outputs of 453 and 415 horsepower respectively and are powered by Mercedes Benz engines. To ensure optimum power transfer, a Powerband provides direct drive to the COMFORT CUT feedroll, chopping cylinder and accelerator, whilst there is a mechanical driveline to the header coupling.

New chopping system

A particular feature of the JAGUAR 494 range is its open-centre design of chopping cylinder, which has received considerable praise from operators on account of its ease of maintenance and the amount of downtime it saves.

To allow for higher outputs the feed intake has been increased by 28% and the feed roll drive incorporates both a metal detector and the CLAAS STOP ROCK stone detection system, both of which can be adjusted from the cab.

The new open-centre CLAAS V-MAX chopping cylinder uses a universal curved blade arranged in a chevron formation, that is designed to provide a highly precise chop but with maximum airflow for a rapid transfer of chopped material, and can be used in both grass and maize.

The feature that particularly appeals to operators is that as the blades wear, the bevel angle and the angle relative to the shearbar is automatically maintained. This avoids the time-consuming task of removing the blades to re-bevel or re-position them, and ensures optimum power efficiency.

In addition, when replacing the blades, each blade is only held in place by a couple of bolts, and there is no knife carrier, resulting in fewer wearing parts and ensuring the blades are quicker to change. Once bolted in place using a simple gauge the blades are automatically aligned to the shearbar, and once the first blade has been set to the shearbar, this can then be used as the reference for all the other blades.

Both the JAGUAR 940 and 930 are equipped with the 36 blade chopping cylinder and in combination with the COMFORT CUT chop length adjustment system, this gives a wide range of the chop lengths from 3.5mm up to 37.5mm. Blade sharpening is activated from the driving seat.

In order to provide easy, quick access to the new chopping cylinder, the feed roller housing is designed so that it can either be swung forward, or swung open completely.

For maize harvesting, the JAGUAR 940 and 930 are fitted with a modular cracking unit, that can be fitted in about 10 minutes. Drive to the unit is through the main powerband and, depending on machine specification, the cracker distance can be set either manually or through the CEBIS control unit.

For harvesting heavy dense crops or bigger swaths, an electronic variable accelerator is available as an option, that enables the distance between the accelerator and back plate to be altered. By setting the accelerator closer to the plate, the blowing capacity will be increased, whilst increasing the distance will reduce wear.

Driving Aids

Central to the new VISTA cab fitted to the JAGUAR 494 range is the new colour CEBIS control and monitoring unit, which can be used to set-up aspects such as the sensitivity of the metal and stone detectors, chop-length and the accelerator.

In addition, job data, crop yields and additive volumes data can all be logged and transferred either by card, or by using the CLAAS TELEMATICS web based performance monitoring system that enables remote, real time monitoring of the forager. As required, information on CEBIS can be accessed either using the selector button or by using the Hotkey button that provides a direct access to the required function.

As on the larger JAGUAR 494 models, these two new models can also be specified with a variable tyre pressure adjustment system. Using CEBIS, the operator can pre-select a lower tyre pressure for use in the field to reduce compaction or increase traction, with a higher setting to provide more stability for roadwork. Having set the required pressure, the operator can switch between the two at a press of a button.

The new Spout Pilot option takes a lot of the strain off the operator when filling trailers, as it ensures that material is always thrown into the centre of the trailer, regardless of the position of the spout.

The spout itself can oscillate through 210 degrees, compared to 190 degrees normally. When engaged, as the operator moves the spout forwards or backwards over the trailer, the position of the flap is automatically adjusted to ensure the throw of material is kept parallel. Once finished, at the press of a button the spout will automatically return to the parked position.

The new SPEED CONTROL allows the operator to set a desired forward speed, which will then be automatically maintained. If necessary, to just slow the forager briefly, the operator can just press the brake pedal, then when released the JAGUAR will automatically the new return to the set speed.

The new JAGUAR 940 and 930 models will be available for 2009. Prices to be announced.

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