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Case IH Tractor Innovations Save Money

As energy prices continue to rise, optimising tractor efficiency is more important than ever before to reduce operating costs. Both Case IH Magnum and Steiger Quadtrac tractors benefit from the latest technology that allows customers to maintain productivity and efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Case IH STX 535

Automatic Productivity Management saves on fuel

Case IH is the first manufacturer to offer "Automatic Productivity Management" (APM) for tractors with full powershift transmission. APM is a fully integrated drive train management system and was first introduced on the CVX tractor in 1998. Fuel consumption can be reduced in certain load situations by up to 24 per cent on the Magnum when compared to tractors of similar capacity without APM.

In comparison to conventional transmission control, where the driver needs to continuously adjust gear selection and engine speed in accordance with the working situation, the Case IH APM now monitors and controls of the engine speed and powershift groups.

Intelligent system takes control

The operator chooses either field or transport mode and APM reduces engine speed whenever the implement load allows, automatically reducing fuel consumption and leaving the operator to concentrate on the work in progress.

With PTO driven equipment, the engine speed is fixed to maintain constant PTO speed. For the Magnum the typical 1000rpm PTO speed is achieved at the economical engine speed of 1800rpm. In field mode, APM maintains the desired ground speed between 1 kph and 23 kph, adjusting the engine to deliver optimum fuelling to maintain this speed under various loads. In transport mode, the operator uses the throttle lever and foot pedal to choose a forward speed between 1kph to 38kph and APM selects the optimum engine speed and gear ratio to the forward speed required.

Proven to be more efficient

APM from Case IH has proven itself to be more efficient in its coordination of power requirement and operating conditions than a driver controlling the engine and transmission manually. Regardless of whether the tractor is hauling a trailer along roads or tillage equipment across uneven ground, the control system is constantly making small adjustments to allow the tractor to always work at its maximum efficiency.

Steiger 485: one of the most fuel-efficient tractors in the world.

The new Steiger 485 features the 12.9 litre Cursor engine is equipped with Compound Turbocharger Technology. This system routes the exhaust to a second turbine downstream from the turbocharger. The energy from this turbine transfers power directly to the crankshaft through a set of reduction gears and a Voith hydro coupling – significantly boosting engine power and fuel efficiency.

Performance is increased by eight percent with the same fuel consumption. The Steiger 485 has a specific consumption of less than 195 g/kWh and currently represents one of the most fuel-efficient tractors in the world.

Biodiesel ready

For all Steiger tractors, biodiesel operation is approved with effect from the 2009 year’s models. The use of B20 biodiesel is possible for all models, and B100 biodiesel for the 385, 435 and 485 models, when used in accordance with the current biodiesel specifications from Case IH.

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