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Stackyard News Sep 08

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Fresh Specs for McCormick’s Popular Four-Cylinder Tractors

McCormick has taken the opportunity to introduce some performance-improving features to the popular ‘CX’ and ‘MC’ models while switching over to engines that meet the latest ‘green’ exhaust emissions standards.

All three McCormick ‘MC’ tractors get more power and use the longer wheelbase of the range leading version – the MC130 T3 has 126hp from its four-cylinder Perkins engine.
McCormick MC130

The mid-range tractors are among McCormick’s best-sellers, being popular with livestock, mixed and arable farmers alike for their straight-forward specification, renowned reliability and spacious driver accommodation.

“The four-cylinder McCormick CX and MC tractors have an excellent reputation, with users invariably making repeat purchases when it comes time to change them,” notes Stewart Barnett, McCormick’s UK sales manager. “The enhancements being introduced with the latest versions can only add to the satisfaction customers get from their machines.”

McCormick ‘CX’
The ‘CX’ range is progressively moving to engines to Euro 3a / Tier 3 emissions standards over the coming months; the two models to this specification available first are the CX90 T3 at 83hp, which succeeds the current CX85, and the CX110 T3 at 101hp, which replaces the CX105.

Power and torque outputs from the Perkins 1104D-44T engines fitted to these models are much the same as before; the main difference is that the CX110’s engine has the addition of an inter-cooler to further improve turbocharging efficiency.

“The different packaging needs of this installation, however, mean that the CX110 T3’s front axle is moved forward by 70mm,” points out McCormick technical specialist Paul Wade. “This results in some improvement in stability and road-driving characteristics without affecting the manoeuvrability of the machine in the field.”

Also, the single-disc brake system is replaced on all Tier 3-specification CX tractors by a twin disc set-up, which effectively doubles the brake surface area, and the discs have a new carbon/Kevlar coating to more effectively handle the stresses and heat generated by heavy braking.

“This upgrade has been introduced simply to keep pace with the increased capability of these tractors,” says Paul Wade. “They are routinely operating bigger, heavier implements and trailed equipment, which takes a bit more stopping power.”

As with the current models, the latest McCormick ‘CX’ tractors are available with a choice of transmissions and cabs.

The simple Synchro 16x8 speed transmission has two powershift speeds and synchro-shuttle forward reverse selection. The XtraShift transmission provides a 24x24 arrangement, three powershift speeds, a power shuttle and more durable multi-disc wet clutches.

Low Profile and full-height Deluxe cabs are available across the range.

McCormick ‘MC’
Following the successful introduction of new 6.7-litre six-cylinder engines for the McCormick MC120 Power6 and MC135 Power6 tractors, now it is the turn of the four-cylinder models to get the upgrade treatment.

Perkins 1104D-44T engines are used again but tuned and equipped for the latest emissions standards: a cooling system to increase the density of incoming air is now used for the turbocharging system on all three models, while the highest-powered version changes from standard to high-pressure common rail fuel injection.

The net result is that all three models have more power – the MC105 T3 that replaces the current MC95 is up 12% at 101hp, while the MC115 T3 (replacing the current MC105) gets 8% more power at 110hp. The new range-leading MC130 T3 (replacing the current MC115) has 126hp, a 7% increase on its predecessor.

“An added feature is that the long wheelbase specification of the current range-topping model now applies to all three versions so the MC105 T3 and MC115 T3 have a 95mm longer wheelbase,” points out Paul Wade. “This results in a useful improvement in road driving and field work stability, especially with heavy mounted implements. The MC130 T3 can also be equipped with independent front suspension.”

The McCormick ‘MC’ tractors have a high-specification package for this size of tractor. A power shuttle and four-speed powershift makes the 16x12 transmission easy to handle and the number of ratios can be increased by adding the creep gearbox option.

Oil is pumped by the load-sensing hydraulics up to the 109-litre/min maximum only when it is needed to save fuel and general wear and tear.

The ‘MC’ models use the Deluxe version of the familiar McCormick cabin, which for a tractor of this size, provides a spacious place for drivers to spend long hours in the air suspension seat.

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