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Stackyard News Feb 08

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Claas Disco Contour Mower Range Extended

Following the initial introduction of the DISCO CONTOUR range of mowers last spring, the range has been extended with the addition of two mower conditioner models, plus a wider 3.8m wide version, the DISCO 3900 CONTOUR.

Claas Disco 3100 C Contour
Claas Disco 3100 C Contour

In addition, CLAAS has also introduced a new range of cutterbars, the P-CUT to the whole of the DISCO mower range.
The addition of these new models to the DISCO CONTOUR range means that CLAAS now offers one of the widest selection of disc mowers on the market, ranging from the smallest 2.10m mounted DISCO up to the World leading 14m cut self-propelled COUGAR.



The CONTOUR range utilises the centre pivot technology originally developed for the self-propelled COUGAR mower which results in improved contour following across all working widths, and incorporates an easy to use, in-cab pressure adjustment system.

In use, operators have found that due to this centre pivot, the new CONTOUR range of mowers provide a far cleaner cut thanks to the improved ground contour following.

The centre pivot arm is also mounted at 15 degrees, so that when the mower unit hits an obstruction and the breakback activates, the whole mower unit swings back and lifts up to avoid potential damage.

The benefits of the new centre pivot design also extend to transport. When raised, the mower unit is carried at 115 degrees. This has the benefit that the weight of the mower is more evenly spread across the rear axle in a ratio of 55:45, which results in enhanced stability, especially when travelling at high road speeds, and reduced loading on the front axle

I addition, by having the pivot in the centre of the mower unit, the overall transport height is also reduced by up to 40cm. As a result, whilst previously transport height limited the working width of a mounted mower to 3.40m, this new design means that CLAAS is now able to offer the wider, 3.80m wide mounted model, the DISCO 3900 CONTOUR.

The two new conditioner models, the DISCO 2700 C and 3100 C CONTOUR, have working widths of 2.6m and 3.0m respectively and utilise the well proved CLAAS conditioner unit fitted with rubber mounted steel tines. A full width spreading hood is also available so that the crop can be spread across the full width of the mower.

As standard the cutting discs use the CLAAS QKC (Quick Knife Change) system, in which the knives are held in place using a spring leaf system to ensure that damaged or worn blades can be quickly and simply replaced without using tools.

Up-front DISCO

A new mower conditioner version of the 3.0m wide front-mounted DISCO 3100 is now also available. The new DISCO 3100FC PROFIL uses the same three dimensional, centre pivot and trailing linkage floatation system, with spring suspension.

A full-width tine conditioner is fitted, with a crop spreader and spreader plate also fitted as standard.

New P-CUT cutterbars

For 2008 the CLAAS DISCO range benefits not only the addition of the new CONTOUR models, but CLAAS has also introduced its new generation of cutterbar across the whole DISCO range.

Having initially only been used on the 14m COUGAR self-propelled mower, the new P-CUT cutterbar will now be fitted as standard to all DISCO mowers from the 2.6m DISCO 2650 upwards.

The new P-CUT cutterbars are designed to achieve an extremely even and clean cut, regardless of working width, whilst also offering high reliability and efficient power use.

Drive to the discs is through a smooth running, low wear transmission using large diameter gears, with an individual drive system for each cutting disc.

The cutting discs themselves are set lower in the cutterbar for a cleaner cut and improved crop flow, and are mounted in a new, high strength sealed double tapered roller bearing assembly.

The P-CUT cutterbar itself is manufactured from high strength steel, and incorporates robust cutterbar skids underneath with Hardox inserts between each skid. In addition, the design is such that groves on the underside of the cutterbar funnel away any built-ups of earth for a cleaner cut.

As before, each cutting disc is protected by the unique SAFETYLINK drive protection system, where defined shear points prevent gear and cutterbar damage should an object be hit.

DISCO mower range for 2008

Mounting Cond-
Working Width (m) No of discs Quick Knife Change Safety Link
COUGAR 1400C Self-Propelled Yes 14.00 35 Yes Yes
Triple Mowers
DISCO 8550 AS Plus Triple Yes 8.00 21 Yes Yes
DISCO 8550 C Plus Triple Yes 8.30 21 Yes Yes
DISCO 8550 Plus Triple No 8.30 21 Yes Yes
DISCO 8700 C Plus Forager Yes 8.30 21 Yes Yes
Trailed Mowers
DISCO 3050 AS Plus Trailed Yes + Grouper 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 3050 TC Plus Trailed Yes 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 3900 CONTOUR Rear No 3.80 9 Yes Yes
DISCO 3500 CONTOUR Rear No 3.40 8 Yes Yes
DISCO 3100 C CONTOUR Rear Yes 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 3100 CONTOUR Rear No 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 2700 C CONTOUR Rear Yes 2.60 6 Yes Yes
DISCO 2700 CONTOUR Rear No 2.60 6 Yes Yes
Plus Mounted Mowers
DISCO 3450 Plus Rear No 3.40 8 Yes Yes
DISCO 3050 C Plus Rear Yes 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 3050 Plus Rear No 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 2650 C Plus Rear Yes 2.60 6 Yes Yes
DISCO 2650 Plus Rear No 2.60 6 Yes Yes
In-Line Mounted Mowers
DISCO 290 Rear No 2.90 7 No No
DISCO 250 Rear No 2.50 6 No No
DISCO 210 Rear No 2.10 5 No No
Front Mounted
DISCO 3100 FC Profil Front Yes 3.00 7 Yes Yes
DISCO 3100 F Profil Front No 3.00 7 Yes Yes

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