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Stackyard News Nov 07

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Ritchey Advises Producers on New Rules for Double-Tagging

Sheep producers have been advised to check their tag stocks, in preparation for the implementation of the proposed new rules on double-tagging.

Dalesman Mini
- a two piece ear tag for lambs and sheep.

Dalesman Mini

Assuming the current proposals are accepted, S baseline tags and S movement tags will no longer be required after January 2008. Linda Simms, of tag manufacturer Ritchey, says producers with enough of these tags to last until the New Year should avoid ordering additional supplies.

She also advises flock owners to keep a supply of extra UK tags.
“The proposals state that if an animal loses its tag on the holding of its birth, the producer has the option to use an identical replacement. But suppliers may have to apply a surcharge for individual tags with specified numbers, due to the additional administration costs involved in producing single tags.

“It will be cheaper to take advantage of the other proposed method of dealing with lost tags on the holding of birth. This option allows producers to replace lost tags with their next available UK tag showing a different number.”

If the animal has been moved from its original holding, the lost tag should be replaced by an identical number, or by a red R tag, adds Mrs Simms. With the January 2008 deadline looming, she says most flock owners are still unsure about how they will be affected.

“We have had a number of calls from producers wanting more information about the way the rules will work. As I understand it, any animal younger than 12 months old and intended for slaughter will still need only a single tag.
“If a producer changes his mind and decides to keep the animal for breeding, he will need to double-tag after twelve months.”

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