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What’s On Your Plate? - The Campaign for Scottish Food and Farming 11/06/07

NFU Scotland is set to launch a high profile new Scottish food campaign aimed at highlighting all of the positive things delivered by Scottish farming and farmers and persuading people to back Scotland by buying Scottish food and drink.

The launch of “Whats on your Plate?” will take place in a field adjacent to the Norton House Hotel , Ingliston, Edinburgh!

Norton House Hotel

The launch of this new campaign, entitled “What’s on your Plate?” will take place at 12 noon on Wednesday 13 June in a field adjacent to the Norton House Hotel, Ingliston, Edinburgh!

The launch itself will include a taxi bearing the What’s on your Plate? branding, as well as the NFU Scotland Board of Directors enjoying some fine Scottish food in the middle of a field!  To find out more, come along!

Jim McLaren, NFUS President, said:

“Few of the 60 million people living in the UK today come into direct contact with farming or farmers.

“However, several times a day, 365 days of the year, every year of their lives, every member of the population comes into contact with the superb quality produce that farmers provide.  From milk for their cereal to the chicken or beef in their lunchtime sandwich to the carrots with their evening meal (to name just a few!) farmers provide the population with the quality food and drink that reaches their plates (and glasses!) every single day – and which tastes great!

“But Scotland’s farmers deliver far more for the population than just food and drink.  They take care of our beautiful countryside, protect valuable flora and fauna, support rural communities, contribute to the fight against climate change, provide healthy alternatives to junk food and take great care of the animals that they nurture.

“This campaign is all about explaining these benefits to consumers and persuading them to support Scottish farming by buying Scottish food and drink.

“Scotland needs its farmers, and those farmers need support from the most important people within the food supply chain – consumers.

“Small things can make a real difference.  Our website and promotional material highlight a number of things that consumers can do to show and act upon their support for Scottish food and drink.

“To name just a few, we are asking consumers to read labels carefully and look out for Scottish produce when they are shopping; we are asking them to suggest that their children’s school organises a farm visit; we are asking them to use our seasonal chart to target Scottish foods when they are season and we are asking them to pledge their support for Scottish food and drink on our website.

“I very much hope that people the length and breadth of the country embrace this campaign and help us to ensure that the quality food for which Scotland is famous continues to grace the dinner plates of the nation.”

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