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Stackyard News Jun 07

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Longtown Primestock Sale

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart P.L.C. had forward 90 Prime cattle, 3 Young bulls, 13 OTM cattle, 2,258 Prime lambs, 839 hoggs and 3,355 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Thursday 28th June, 2007.

longtown prime sheep

Top price in the prime cattle was 135.5p for a Belgian Blue bullock from J. & N. Blaylock & Son, sold to W. Kirkup (Butcher), Longtown; Limousin 132.5p Hallburn, 129.5p & 127.5p Dashwellgreen; Simmental 118.5p Johnstone Bank; Charolais 113.5p Sceughdyke.

Limousin heifers from Hallburn to 132.5p to W. Kirkup, others 129.5p Hallburn, 128.5p Stormont, 127.5p Dashwellgreen; Charolais 127.5p Brydekirk Mains, 117.5p Sceughdyke; Belgian Blue 122.5p Stormont; Blonde d’Aquitaine 116.5p Brydekirk Mains.

Limousin bulls sold to 113.5p from North Greenhill and 109.5p Becton Hall.

In the OTM section Limousin cows to 75.5p Nunsceugh, Friesian 69.5p Chapeltown, Galloway 59.5p Barron House, Charolais heifers 78.5p Haggistone Holm.

A similar entry of prime lambs saw all classes sharper on the week, especially heavy lambs. Top price per kilo was 138.9p for Texels from Messrs Little, North Greenhill, Roweltown, Carlisle, others to 135.6p Kilnford Croft Farm. Overall average of 127p.

Top price per head of £68.70 for Charollais crosses from Messrs W.L. Musgrave & Sons, Cardew Hall, Dalston, Carlisle who also sold Texels at £65.80, other Texels to £65.70 Barnglies, £63.80 Upper Mains; Half Bred £57.90 Burnfoot on Esk; Greyface £47.90 Cowcorse.

Light lambs were also a sound trade with a top price of £44.90 for Texels from Copperthorns and Suffolks from Sykehead, other Texels £44.30 Thornley, £44.20 Hetherside; Beltex £44.40 Pallet Hill; Charollais £40 Dallowie; Swaledale £38.90 Mossband House; Zwartbles £37.70 Mossband House. Top price per kilo was 138.7p for Beltex crosses from Pallet Hill. Overall average 128p.

Another good entry of over 800 prime hoggs again sold at increased rates to average 90p with many good meated sorts selling between 100p and 110p to a top of 121.9p from Newington, others 116.3p St Johns Kirk. Top price per head of £53.80 for Continentals from Sockbridge Hall and Suffolks from Sykehead; Blackface £52.20 Fawcettlees.

The cast ewes and rams were a smaller show, more buyers were present and trade was up £5 per head on the week with numbers well short of requirements. Overall average £43.17.

Top of £72.50 for heavy Texel ewes from Bankhead of Tinwald, others £71.50 Mossburnford; Suffolk cross £64.50 Tiffenthwaite; Suffolk £62.50 Derwent House; Leicester £62.50 Bellmount; Charollais £60.50 Thackwood; Zwartbles £56 Colte Coates; Bleu d’Maine £55.50 Waterside; Half Bred £55.50 Camieston; North Country Cheviot £53.50 Waterloo; Greyface £47.50 East Cliff, £44.50 Ballyclare, £43.50 Camieston; Lleyns £46.50 Meikle Richorn.

Hill ewes to £40.50 for Blackfaces from Stackbraes, £36.50 Lanehead and Johnstone Bank; Cheviot £38.50 Girnwood and Dallowie; Swaledale £34.50 High Aikton, £32.50 Lowfield; Kendal Rough £34.50 Priorsford.

Rams to £68.50 for Texels from Newry, £66.50 Lowfield; Charollais £64.50 Newry; Suffolk £62.50 Kilncroft; Leicester £60.50 Breconside; Cheviot £55.50 Colmslie Hill; Lleyn £49.50 Priorsford; Blackface £44 Colte Coats; Swaledale £42.50 Snowden Close; Shetland £38.50 Waterloo.


Light to 97.5p ( 93.6p)
Medium to 82.5p ( 82.5p)
Heavy to 135.5p (117.0p)
Heifers Light to 89.5p ( 89.5p)
Medium to 121.5p (110.6p)
Heavy to 132.5p (114.4p)
Young Beef Bulls to 113.5p (109.6p)

Light to 121.9p ( 91.8p)
Standard to 116.3p ( 96.6p)
Medium to 107.8p ( 87.1p)
Heavy to 111.0p ( 84.0p)
Shlgs to 95.6p ( 65.6p)

Light to 138.7p ( 95.8p)
Standard to 138.9p (127.0p)
Medium to 134.2p (124.3p)
Heavy to 128.7p (127.3p)
Others to 119.4p (123.8p)

Light to £40.50 (£29.19)
Heavy to £72.50 (£44.54)
Cast Rams £68.50 (£47.62)

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