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Stackyard News Mar 06

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    Fair Trade comes to Aberfeldy

Few will know that Aberfeldy was recently crowned Scotland’s first Fair Trade town.   A campaign which commonly focuses on securing fair prices and fair working environments for farmers in the developing world, the Fair Trade Campaign has come to Scotland.  

fair trade

Helping to raise awareness of the fact that farmers in Scotland also need to be treated equitably and given a fair price for their quality produce, the campaign seems to be going from strength to strength.

One local farmer, Jane Anderson, was recently asked to speak to the audience at a Fair Trade Fortnight meeting held in Aberfeldy about exactly what fair trade means for Scottish family farms.  Also speaking were two cocoa farmers from Ghana who outlined how fair trade issues affect them.   John Swinney MSP kindly introduced the meeting.

Jane Anderson, NFU Scotland Highland Perthshire Branch Chairperson, said:

“Fair trade for Scottish farmers is about encouraging people to be aware of how produce is labelled and persuading them to buy quality Scottish produce which in turn helps local farmers.  However, the campaign also needs to ensure that as well as being in demand, Scottish produce is receiving a fair price.

“Certain sectors of agriculture in Scotland are being forced to accept prices for their produce which are lower than the costs involved in producing it.  Milk is a classic example of this.   Farmers are currently being paid an average of 18.5 pence per litre of milk which costs them 19 pence to produce.

“The types of produce we are talking about are extremely varied and so it is entirely possible for the Fair Trade campaign to work in harmony on both continents disseminating a united message.

“I would very much hope that we can progress the issue of fair trade to ensure that Scottish farmers are being paid a fair price for their quality produce.”

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