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Stackyard News Nov 05

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    Lancs livestock leader not convinced by weak Brazilian beef ban

NFU's North West Livestock Board Chairman, Thomas Binns, is calling for a full ban on Brazilian beef coming into this country until the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) can guarantee Brazil's animal traceability systems are up to scratch.

Mr Binns has decided to speak out on behalf of north west farmers on this issue because the South American country has had recent confirmed cases of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD). Therefore, Mr Binns wants to make certain the terrible disease, that ravaged the north west's livestock industry back in 2001, does not have the opportunity to decimate the UK's livestock industry once again.

"I feel I am totally justified in asking for an interim ban until we are satisfied their animal traceability is as good as ours. The results of Brazil's last inspection are now two years old so I want a full ban until the OIE confirms it is happy that all Brazilian meat can be traced back to the farm it was born on. There was an inspection in Brazil during spring so lets see the results.

"It seems ludicrous to me that the European Commission can impose a partial ban on Brazilian beef depending on what region of Brazil the meat comes from. In reality we cannot be 100 per cent sure in our own minds as to where exactly any of the Brazilian beef imported into Europe comes from. I just want my mind and the minds of north west farmers putting at rest.

"The lack of a national database and of an individual identification system makes it impossible to impose an effective regional ban in Brazil. The authorities there have no way of knowing what animals are present in the various regions and therefore cannot accurately monitor animal movement between regions.

"When buying British beef consumers can be assured that every critical stage of the food chain is audited against dedicated controls for food safety and animal welfare. Why shouldn't we expect similar standards from our competitors in other countries?"

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