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Stackyard News Oct 05

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Accurate Spread Patterns at Axis of Kuhn Fertiliser Spreader Range

MF 7490

The ability to maintain consistently accurate spread patterns automatically at varying forward speeds and/or application rates is a key feature of the new Axis twin disc spreader range.

Launched onto the UK market by Kuhn Farm Machinery this autumn, the Axis also has the ability to achieve an unprecedented maximum mass flow rate of up to 500 kg/minute.

Both of these key attributes are the result of patented distribution technology, known as Coaxial Distribution Adjustment (CDA), and are the main reasons why the Axis is being positioned as a new generation of fertiliser spreader offering tangible benefits within progressive agriculture, including precision farming applications.

The Axis range includes four models that overall offer working widths from 12m to 36m and hopper capacities from 1,200 to 3,000 litres. In addition to the advanced application technology, Axis has also been designed to offer simple and logical adjustment, whilst maintenance costs are kept low through generous use of stainless steel and economy in potentially wearing parts.

The novel CDA system is based on a pivoting hopper base and exclusively designed outlet aperture. These features combine to allow the controlled release of fertiliser onto specific areas of the spreading discs - through multiple drop points as opposed to a single drop point - with the result that consistent and accurate spread patterns are maintained at different mass flow rates (e.g. varying spreading width, forward speed, and/or whilst application rates are varied on-the-move). A new slow (17 rpm) rotation agitator is also a key feature in the CDA system, which - along with the octagonal-walled hopper base and novel aperture design - contribute to the high mass flow rate feature.

Spreading discs are fitted with blades that - due to the CDA system - are relatively simple in design and therefore more economic to replace. The full spectrum of working widths for Axis is covered by just four different sets of blades fitted in combination with a patented Òair finÓ blade. The spreading discs are fitted with a single, large attachment bolt that is designed for ease-of-use.

Application rate adjustment on the Axis is made simple and easy through the design of the DFC graduated scale. All distribution parts are 100% stainless steel and are easily accessible for cleaning and calibration.

The standard hopper on the Axis is 1,200 litres, and capacity can be increased with easy-fit extensions up to 3,000 litres.

Border spreading on the Axis is controlled from the cab through the action of the Telimat T25 deflector unit. This is located on the right side of the spreader, and is included as standard on the two Axis 40.1 models and is optional on the two 30.1 models.

Electronic control is standard on the Axis 30.1 QE and Axis 40.1 QE models, through the new Quantron E control box. This improved facility is GPS compatible and retains all the beneficial features of earlier Quantron models, such as allowing variable rate application on the move. Quantron E now includes the ability to memorise the characteristics of up to four different tractors, store integrated spreading charts for 10 factory-set fertilisers and 10 further fertilisers, and retain historical spreading records for up to 200 fields or tasks.

Axis 30.1 D has a basic price of £3,962 plus VAT and the Axis 30.1 QE (inclusive of Quantron E) is priced at £5,732 plus VAT.

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